Chaos ensued as people were seen running in panic in the Indian city of Indore's Palhar Nagar neighborhood on Friday morning, when a leopard strayed into a residential area and injured four people.

A video has been released showing a ferocious feline attacking an Indian man, jumping out from a construction site in a busy area.

The leopard was first noticed entering a house under construction; from there it went into the residence of a local businessman, where it sat for about three hours, occasionally jumping out to attack a team of forest officials and onlookers.

A call was made to the police and zoo administration and although they arrived promptly, it took a while to sedate the beast and carry it away.

"Initially, we tried to use the stun gun and fired two pellets. However, both of them missed the target. The third shot hit the leopard. The tranquilizer used in the process was given according to the size of the leopard but it was insufficient," zoo in-charge and veterinarian Uttam Yadav told the Times of India.

After finally striking the leopard with enough tranquilizer shots, authorities trapped it in a large steel cage amidst the cheers of the locals.

The animal will be released into the wild, away from the residential area.