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Our favorite entertainer Donald Trump had some pretty interesting takes on history while giving a speech at a rally in Pensacola, Florida. If you were ever wondering who won the first two World Wars and defeated the evil Communism, wonder no more:
"We are the nation that dug out the Panama Canal, won two world wars, put a man on the moon and brought communism to its knees"
He did it again folks. We might want to bestow on Trump the 'World's Number One Troll' award, because very few days go by without The Donald saying something that is both entertainingly dumb and the perfect pot-stirrer to get the liberal media in a rabid furor over his idiocy. But Trump's no fool, he knows that there's no bad press as long as they spell your name right. The sad thing about this is that, with most being woefully ignorant of world history, very few Americans will take exception to his comments. Even the 'left' may find a stirring of national pride as a result of this Presidential tweet, enough at least to force them to shut up and leave Trump's twitter account alone for 5 minutes.

Unfortunately, Trump is wrong. Not just wrong in the sense that I don't agree with him, but factually, historically wrong.

The US only entered into the fray in WWI near its end and probably had little effect on its outcome. Most WWII historians agree that it was the Soviet Union that the tipped scales in the Allies' favor, because the US was focused on the Pacific theater and let Britain, France and the Soviet Union fight the Nazis in Europe. It was the Soviet Union who captured Berlin in 1945 forcing Germany to surrender, not the US. As for the 'defeat of Communism', it's quite likely he knows that Communism is still alive and kicking, in China for instance. You know, the most populous country on the planet? It seems to be making good inroads in the USA too.

In the off-chance that he does cop some flak for this one from the more educated sections of the US media, Trump can be confident that his 'deplorable' base won't quibble over details that they don't even know exist, will eat up his nationalistic words and ignore the hysterical liberal (fake news) media as they out-scream each other to point out how historically wrong he is. CNN might even claim that his faux pas is clear cause for impeachment.

Is it a good thing that the American president behaves this way? Probably not. It's unlikely you'll ever hear Putin give voice to such a mangled version of history. But would you rather have Killary? At least Trump's buffoonery is fun to watch - and we need a little entertainment these days.