colorado lenticular cloud
© Jackie Carpenter via 9News
What is that for a bizarre cloud formation in the sky over Colorado?
Mother Nature loves to demonstrate that, even if you happen to be the most seasoned of outdoors enthusiasts, she still has the ability to blow your mind ... if you're lucky enough to stand in exactly the right spot, at precisely the right time. Now look at the trippy cloud formation captured above Arvada, Colorado on November 23, 2017 and tell me what you see.

WOW! that really looks like a movie where somebody get's sucked up by a telescopic giant trunk in a alien spaceship.
Colorado lenticular cloud spaceship
© Jackie Carpenter via 9News
Or was somebody really thirsty? You can almost read the shape of a nipple in this weird cloud.

Or is this mysterious cloud just another optical illusion? A meteorologist says what we're seeing is actually two clouds: a tiny lenticular cloud at the bottom, beneath a larger mountain wave cloud.

Both clouds below were captured on the same day... Just some more pictures from different views... And you can actually see two clouds:

lenticular cloud colorado Nov 2017
© Jackie Carpenter via 9News
In the background we can see the second cloud formation
lenticular cloud formation colorado nov 2017
© Jackie Carpenter via 9News
In this image we see the second cloud in full and it shows similarities to the first
In any cases, I haven't seen any cloud formations like this in my whole life! What about you?