Lenticular cloud over Michoacan, Mexico
© Via YouTube/Quadratin Noticias TV
Odd-shaped clouds have sparked a social media storm in Mexico where weird formations in the have left people confused.

A cloud, shaped like the arm and hand of a giant, was spotted in the town of Uruapan in the western Mexican state of Michoacan - and had residents debating whether it was a sign from above.

One, named 'Anastacisa', wrote: 'This looks like a palm of a hand stretching down with the fingers touching. It is like it is a Holy hand' while another, going by the name 'Orlisz', added: 'There looks like there is a Holy light shining on it, like a halo.'

Footage shows a man driving along in his car and recording the cloud on what is believed to be a mobile phone.

You can see the grey cloud in the odd shape with an orange light near the middle. Experts have since chimed in to say they believe the phenomenon is a 'vapour mark' which is around a kilometre in length. They added the clouds could be the start of a number of cloud formations.

One said: 'The name for this rare type of cloud is lenticular cloud, this is a stationary lens-shaped cloud that forms in the troposphere, normally in perpendicular alignment to the wind direction.'

But other netizens had other views on what it could be. Online viewer 'Nosoypersona' said: 'Poor Mexico! It looks like it is being invaded by aliens.' Another, named 'Lucadifassio' agreed: 'You can see clearly a UFO. It is like Independence Day 3. The Mexican version.'