Sometimes it is necessary to say goodbye to those things that no longer serve you, whether they be partners, friends, or theories. Remember that old adage, "the more things change, the more they stay the same?" Well that's an oxymoron. Don't be afraid to throw out old adages along with the bathwater. And don't be afraid to question long-held dictates that no longer prove true in real life. It's time to embrace change along with the truth about how your body heals itself if you haven't already experienced it.

Today, disease rates skyrocket as we function under false assumptions and old paradigms. Science clings to Genetic Determinism in the mistaken belief that our DNA is the sole determinant for who we are. We are led to believe we are defective, victims of our own DNA based on "mistakes in DNA replication" that change our cells from normal to abnormal.

Women are increasingly victimized as "defective" through genetic branding. The BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutations are the new "Thing 1 and Thing 2" of breast cancer. While scientists claim 5-10 percent of breast cancer is linked to gene mutation due to inheritance, 85 percent of breast cancers occur in women with no family history "as a result of aging and life in general."[i] That's what you call a contradiction. Always question those pesky contradictions. Does that factoid, alone, not remove any link between genes and cancer?

The belief that others hold the keys to healing leaves people feeling powerless. Experts and agencies don't tell you that up to 30 percent of cancers naturally stop growing on their own. A 2005 article in the Journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers, and Prevention found that mammography increases breast cancer risk through false-positive results. Women 40-49 made up the largest percentage of this group. Moreover, researchers incorporate false-positive mammogram results into models that predict breast cancer risk! An inconvenient truth! Without doing your own due diligence to look into the research, which is now easily accessible via the internet, fear usurps confidence. Fear alone drives women to have radical surgeries to remove body parts where there is no cancer. Will women next turn to lobotomies because science has determined these same genes also mark Alzheimer's disease?[ii]

In autoimmune disease there is a high probability of an MTHFR enzyme deficit encoded by its respective genes. Thirty to sixty percent of people with chronic disease have an MTHFR deficit. These "defects" are there due to heavy metal toxicity from toxins in food, air, water, and vaccines. Detoxification is essential in any true healing protocol. However, under the current medical system, each new gene discovery awaits a new drug or surgery. That is profit by design for the cancer and insurance industries at your expense. Meanwhile, the body's immune system awaits lost nutrients and minerals such iodine, magnesium, zinc, selenium, boron, B-vitamins, and sulfur-rich foods such as found in non-denatured whey protein to be replenished.

Fighting Ourselves

All disease belies inflammation resulting from an imbalance of our minerals and our microbes, which work together. Gene mutations are induced by heavy metals in the body through our interaction with our environment. This is not genetics. This is epigenetics. Further, a diseased cell is a cell with low ATP energy. Low ATP energy is caused by a unique, pleomorphic bacteria which gets inside cells and blocks the production of ATP energy. Since ATP is produced in the mitochondria and the mitochondria represents a symbiotic relationship between ancient microbe and human cell, we are witnessing a core conflict between our own bugs. We are fighting ourselves.

The truth is if disease can be created, it can also be reversed. The tools are presented in Einstein's equation E = mc2, showing that light and matter are aspects of the same thing. Our bodies are light and matter, the biophysical and the metaphysical. For full healing we must embrace our multidimensional aspects. Only when we understand the significance of this relationship with ourselves (not with our doctors) do we integrate it to achieve multidimensional healing.

Rosanne Lindsay healed herself naturally from Profound Hypothyroidism. She is a board certified Naturopathic doctor, Tribal healer under the Turtle Island Provider Network, Earth Keeper, liberty-lover, writer, and author of the book The Nature of Healing, Heal the Body, Heal the Planet. Find her on Facebook at Natureofhealing and consult with her (long-distance consults available) at

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