clinton conspiracy theorist

Let us not tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories
While the general public might be under the illusion that Russia is nothing more than a "regional power", the terrifying truth has now been revealed: Russia is a global hegemon with the unequaled power to decide who gets to be the President of the USA. Yes, that's right, the entire exceptional USA, its population and political and economic institutions, are nothing more than pawns of the Russian government, mere putty in the hands of the tyrant Putin.

This shocking claim has been repeatedly made over the past few months by the Clinton campaign and many Democrat politicians, not to mention the leading media organs on both sides of the Atlantic. Their evidence, as incontrovertible as the claim itself, is made up of repeated statements by Hillary and her minions that Putin and Trump are best buddies and that Putin has been hacking DNC emails and releasing them to the public, just to make Hillary look bad. And just when you thought that the situation couldn't get any worse, now we are told that the FBI might be compromised too. Yes, you heard that right, there are not only Reds under the FBI's bed, but FBI Director Comey might be sleeping with one.

In truth, our very way of life is in peril from this revanchist Red Menace. We must take action, and now. Elect Hillary or you'll be speaking Russian by Christmas.

Coming back to reality...

Last week the FBI made the bombshell announcement that they were (sort of) reopening the case into a possible indictment of Hillary Clinton for abusing her position as Secretary of State. The wording of the letter sent to Congress was vague and immediately provoked accusations that the FBI was attempting to 'smear' Clinton and influence voters. This was followed up with an accusation from leading Democrats that the Bureau was hiding "explosive" information about Donald Trump's alleged ties with Putin.

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid led the political backlash when he lambasted the FBI director James Comey, saying, "It has become clear that you possess explosive information about close ties and coordination between Donald Trump, his top advisers, and the Russian government — a foreign interest openly hostile to the United States, which Trump praises at every opportunity. The public has a right to know this information."

Notice that Reid charges Comey personally with 'politicking'. Today the FBI answered the accusation by calmly quashing it, announcing - through the New York Times - that it has found no evidence of any "direct link between Mr. Trump and the Russian government." Its anonymous officials further stated that they believed "hacking into Democratic [Party] emails was aimed at disrupting the presidential election rather than electing Mr. Trump."

This "non-partisan" confirmation that there is no Trump-Putin link effectively ends Clinton's strategy of deflecting from the revelations in the DNC leaks and the Democratic Campaign (Podesta) leaks by casting them as Russian hacks, and that anyone who makes reference to their contents is engaging in "un-American activities." Clinton's gamble amounted to: "I may be a criminal, but Trump's a traitor." The FBI says otherwise.

The Putin-Trump "bromance" allegation was Clinton's last card to play. Any doubts following Comey's announcement last Friday that "the gods" of Wall Street and the Military-industrial Complex now favor Trump over Clinton are laid to rest by today's nuking of the "vast Trump-Putin right-wing conspiracy." 'Official' polls are now starting to reflect that.

I doubt that Comey's motivation is merely to save his hide in the event that future revelations, after Clinton was to become president, would incriminate him along with her. Comey has now, not just once, but twice, fired torpedoes at Clinton's ship. He would not be doing that if he did not know someone has his back.

I suspect that a critical mass among the US Establishment (Comey's bosses) have been persuaded that Hillary has gotten a little too big for her britches (or pant suit) and that the Clinton empire is a little too entrenched in the US and around the world to allow it to consolidate its power by handing her the Presidency. They can abide her revealing national security secrets to allies like Saudi Arabia because "we're all hermanos", but in her pathological exuberance to defeat Trump's populist support she is leading the US into a trap in which Russia (or anyone else for that matter) can expose that the constitutional crisis currently eating the US is entirely a homegrown affair.

They also likely know the full extent of her illness (dementia). They also know that these leaks are not "hacks" - they're LEAKS, likely made by a Clinton insider, possibly by a conspiracy of Clinton insiders. As such, Hillary in the White House would be a liability across the board. Trump, on the other hand, has no Washington connections, he's a newbie to the political game and he'll be so happy just to be the 'decider-in-chief' that he'll be much more easily controlled. They hope anyway.

Such is the predicament of all empires: the inevitability of corruption piling upon corruption, until - implosion. With Russia and China breaking out of containment, the owners of the US are going to lose their "indispensable" status anyway, with or without Clinton in the White House, but they can perhaps earn a stay of execution by retaining a "mask of normalcy" for a little longer, even in the heretofore implausible, and frankly repulsive, figure of President baby-man Trump.