Zakynthos tornado September 19th 2016
Tornado wreaks havoc on island of Zakynthos
A tornado that passed through Zakynthos in the early hours today caused great problems on the island, making immediate intervention of power technicians and Fire Brigade personnel necessary.

The main problems at the moment are located in the Alykanas area where the tornado uprooted trees and snapped power columns and raised roofs, while small shops lost lightweight materials.

Zakynthos tornado September 19 2016

Tornado raises roofs and damages power columns in Zakynthos
The power technicians are trying to repair the damage and a fire truck had to cut uprooted trees. Also, in the neighboring village, Skoulikado, the tornado uprooted trees and took away the roofs of stables and farms fortunately without causing injuries.

Even in the city of Zakynthos damage was caused by strong winds which swept a train-truck that tours the city.