Chinese police in Italy
© AP Photo/ Jin Yu/Xinhua via AP
The four Chinese lawmen handpicked for this assignment were trained by Italian instructors in Beijing and will be wearing their usual uniforms while patrolling the streets of the Italian cities they're assigned to.

Italian Minister of the Interior Angelino Alfano said that the experiment which was announced on Monday and will be conducted until May 13 is aimed at helping Chinese tourists feel safe and will hopefully strengthen the bond between China and Italy, La Repubblica reports.

"It is an experimental project, unprecedented for Italy and the first of its kind for Europe. Today we once again demonstrate that Italy can efficiently cooperate with agencies from other countries," Alfano said.

Liao Jinrong, chief of the Bureau of International Cooperation at China's Ministry of Public Security, pointed out that over 3 million Chinese tourists visit Italy each year, and that this project is a result of a very positive collaboration between Chinese and Italian police forces.

Meanwhile, in a reciprocal gesture a team of Italian police officers is scheduled to depart for Beijing and Shanghai to provide similar assistance to Italian tourists visiting China.