slave plane
As if the "privilege" of flying in America hasn't already been warped into a laughable joke at this point.

You know it's bad when you can't take your wheelchair-bound three-year-old to Disneyland without him getting swabbed for bombs and having his waistband felt up by a creepy middle aged TSA gestapo man, or watching your 10-year-old daughter get absolutely violated in front of everyone to the point that you, as a father, might just throw up. But hey, at least your kids aren't your grandma who might get her colostomy bag ripped out by the inept agent with two weeks of training who thinks she might be hiding a bomb in her Depends. And then there's the lovely radiating full-body scanners...

Ah yes. The modern art of flying. Such a privilege. A place where we can all feel like slaves together in a magical Constitution-free zone where we're all guilty until proven innocent by people who have failed to catch or stop a single terrorist from boarding an airplane in the nearly 15 years since 9/11 and only even catch guns and bombs getting on planes a whopping five percent of the time, even though they terrorize the hell out of everyone and steal their stuff (including this reporter's dangerous pimento cheese which they probably ate later like greedy little goblin creatures out of the blackest armpits of hell).

Well now, as if going through all of that just to get on the damn plane isn't bad enough, airlines are trying to squeeze every drop of juice out of a raisin they can get by charging people extra for a window and/or aisle seat.

Take it away RT:
While airlines already charge extra for first class, business class, and some 'better' seats in economy, some are now seeking to apply tiered pricing to all economy seats. While economy passengers were able to avoid the middle seat by booking early, airlines have now started to reserve the better seats for those who pay more.
(Come on, as if any seat in economy is really so much "better" than the other legroom-less cattle slots... continuing...)
This comes as the Senate rejected efforts to regulate airline seat sizes earlier this month, voting 42-54 to reject Democratic senator Charles Schumer's amendment.

Schumer wanted the Federal Aviation Administration to introduce minimum seat sizes and distances between airline seats, due to shrinking sizes and disparities between different airlines. Schumer blamed airline lobbyists for the loss for air passengers.
So the seat sizes are shrinking but the airlines are still going to charge people more... and once the seat is so small only one buttock will fit in it, they'll just charge you for two seats, plus the extra fee for the one that's in a window/aisle.

Heck, pretty soon they'll probably be charging extra for you to stuff yourself into the luggage compartment after you've been molested, radiated, and treated like a filthy criminal just to get on the plane in the first place.