The head of executed Syrian officer
Social media websites like Twitter and Facebook have been both a blessing and a curse for the numerous factions involved in this four year long Syria Conflict; however, for the U.S. backed moderate rebels, the use of these platforms has brought to question their moral compass and dedication to a free and democratic Syria.

Yesterday, several pro-rebel activists posted a picture of a recently executed Syrian officer that they claimed was a general inside a Hama Governorate city; this soldier's information was not released and his identity is still unknown.

Who was behind this heinous crime committed against an alleged Syrian Army officer in northern Hama? The culprit is the moderate rebel organization in the Idlib Governorate that is known as "Ajnad Al-Sham" ("Soldiers of the Levant").

Far more disturbing than the crime itself were the Facebook and Twitter posts from the Syrian Opposition's social media activists that were applauding this execution and labeling the deceased Syrian Arab Army (SAA) a "Nusayri" (derogatory word to an Alawi Muslim.

The decapitated soldier's head was placed inside of a bin and used by the moderate rebels to taunt the pro-government supporters on both Twitter and Facebook, despite the level of inhumanity displayed by these U.S. backed militants.

This crime comes three days after their allies from Jaysh Al-Islam (Army of Islam) posted photos of caged men and women that were being used as human shields for their fighters.