Ibiza meteor
The appearance of some kind of body in flames went across the sky of Ibiza last Wednesday evening, created all kinds of speculation on the island. From a possible large meteor to the launch of a missile or rocket, several ideas were shuffled between astronomers and space enthusiasts since the video recording was released by IB3 yesterday.

The events began on Wednesday about seven thirty in the afternoon, when a free-lance camera man, Eduardo de Miguel, who was in the area of Country Club (municipality of Sant Josep ) noticed something unusual in the sky. He grabbed his camera and was able to capture in perfect condition almost three minutes footage of this strange object, following the path West, i.e. towards Sant Antoni. As seen in the video (visible in www.diariodeibiza.es ) , the body appears as a white ball of flames which looks like a typical meteorite or comet.

Members of the Astronomical Association in Eivissa (EPA ) quickly said that it could be a meteorite ( the apex body seems to be right ). This newspaper sought information from the Ministry of Defense and after the video was examined by the department from the Air Force an official spokesman denied that could be a rocket, missile or military vehicle and considered that it is most certainly a piece of "space junk". In particular, it would be a piece (not necessarily small) a section of a spaceship or rocket, after being in orbit, and then it had re-entered the atmosphere on Wednesday. When this happens, objects catching fire by friction with the air, developing a trail of flames and smoke.

However, this explanation did not go well yesterday afternoon to Ibiza astronomers who have submitted all the data to a network of observatories dedicated to the study of meteorites and other bodies admitted to the atmosphere. The Cala d' Hort Telescope (TCH ) also captured the phenomenon who is a member of the AAE Ignacio de la Cueva. Apparently, the object came from the south and made a change of direction and that could only be explained if it was self-propelled. In fact, the video shows Eduardo de Miguel shooting westward, which shows changes from the initial trajectory.

Therefore, it is hoped that other Spanish observatories have detected the object in order to perform a triangulation of the position to find the size, height and location of possible fall. With the current shortage of data, it could have gone to Valencia or the Atlantic, as well as wide range of other areas because the lack of information .

All ideas remain open, which has led to well-known national radio programs devoted to the paranormal were interested in the matter yesterday. For now, this is a UFO(Unidentified Flying Object).