© Ilya Pitalev
Car lovers can be willing to go to great lengths for the sake of their vehicles, but a motorist in Russia's Novosibirsk Region broke new ground when he bit a police officer to avoid being fined for having tinted windows.

The Toyota Mark II with pitch-black windows was spotted and signaled to stop by a traffic patrol in the town of Cherepanovo late Thursday, regional police reported.

The motorist ignored the signal to stop and instead reversed to the premises of a nearby warehouse, the report said.

When the two patrolmen approached his car there, he addressed them with a string of profanities and tried to flee - biting the hand of an officer who tried to stop him.

The other officer managed to subdue the man, who was also threatening to burn down the officers' houses. The 26-year-old local resident, whose name was withheld, was detained, and police were considering Friday whether to press charges against him.

The fine for having excessively tinted car windows in Russia is only 500 rubles ($16), but cars can also be stripped of their license plates until the violation is corrected.