A campaigner sets up on the Little Heath in Knutsford
A group of campaigners has set up home outside George Osborne's office in Knutsford in a protest against the legislation known as the 'bedroom tax'.

UK Uncut arrived in Knutsford at lunchtime today, Saturday, April 13, where they are protesting against the government's decision to charge housing tenants an extra amount for having a spare bedroom in their property.

The organisation told the Guardian the move would mean that tenants who are considered to have one spare bedroom will have to find an extra £529 per year - more than £10 a week - while those considered to have two spare bedrooms will be asked to pay £945 a year more.

Steph Pike, from UK Uncut, said: "At UK Uncut we agree with the government that there are too many spare rooms across the country and too many people in need of housing.
"However, we think the spare rooms are in millionaires' mansions not social housing schemes, so we will be looking to free up some of those.

"At the same time we will be bringing the consequences of the government's policies directly to the door steps of those who support them."
Fellow campaigner Valeska Matziol added:
"We are all in this together, aren't we?

"Well, now is the time to prove it. If you have a couple of spare bedrooms in your mansion, let us know. "We can easily fill them with people in desperate need of a roof over their heads."