An Ohio day care worker decided to teach a 5-year-old a lesson by giving him a 'bite' of his own medicine.

When 56-year-old Robin Mullins of Cincinnati found out about a 5-year-old at her day care that was biting other children, Mullins sat him down, then chomped on his arm in order to 'teach him a lesson.'

Mullins' plan of action, however, didn't go over too well with the parents -- or police for that matter. Mullins was arrested and charged Thursday with assault after leaving a visible bite mark on the kid's arm, Colerain Police Officer Eric Renner wrote in court records.

After her arrest, Mullins was freed without bail, but told to stay away from the child and the day care, Andrew's Friends Pre-School & Daycare in Colerain Township. She is scheduled to appear in court Friday.

The day care's website explains that Mullins has worked with children of all ages for quite a few years, nine of which were at Northwest schools working with special needs and at-risk kids. Ironically, it also says Mullins has been trained in child abuse recognition and prevention.

Neither the day care or its workers have commented on the incident.