© NICK PROCAYLO/THE PROVINCEA woman held a “lying cheating sale” in which she sold off her husband’s stuff, and bargain hunters showed up to check out the goods.
She said her husband left her for a "piece of trash," so she kicked his stuff to the curb and put it all up for sale.

A Canadian woman got revenge on her husband of 10 years, while he was gallivanting about with his mistress, by cleaning house.

The scorned woman posted a colorful ad on Craigslist inviting bargain hunters and potential homebuyers to her "lying cheating sale."

"Husband left us for a piece of trash. Selling everything while he is gone this weekend with his floozie," the woman wrote in the ad.

The plan, as outlined in the ad, was to have everything out of the house before he returned on March 11. She said in the ad that she would be putting the house itself up for sale the next week.

© CRAIGSLISTA revenge-seeking woman advertised on Craigslist that she was selling off her cheating husband’s possessions while he was away with his mistress.
The woman advertised that she was selling everything from household appliances to speakers - to the tools that her husband "didn't have a clue how to use." Her husband's favorite red leather theater-seating reclining sofas would also be up for sale.

The wife cautioned potential customers not to show up looking for clothes, as she planned to set them ablaze in the driveway before the sale.

"However, you can see the ashes of his clothes that he is going to see, for no additional charge," she wrote in the ad.

The sale was held at the woman's ocean-view home on March 9 and 10.

"Don't come too early (like he did) because I will be thoroughly enjoying some wine with my girlfriends this evening as we clean out all this stuff and likely be nursing hangovers in the morning. So please speak softly to the ladies wearing the sunglasses," the woman wrote.

The Province said they swung by the sale on March 9, and it was indeed happening. The lady running it, however, would not speak to them on the record.