Texas Rep. Debbie Riddle (R) was apparently infuriated by the unclassified Red Team report which detailed the abusive behavior of American soldiers against their Afghan military allies [ANSF] and Afghan citizens.

The Red Team report said that ANSF members found many U.S. soldiers to be "extremely arrogant, bullying, unwilling to listen to their advice, and were often seen as lacking concern for civilian and ANSF safety during combat."

The Red Team report described vulgar and crude acts the American soldiers engaged in, such as urinating in public, cussing, disrespecting women and bullying people during night raids.

Rep. Riddle was not offended by the actions of American soldiers, but rather by the conclusion of the Red Team report which recommended sensitivity training for American soldiers in Afghanistan.

According to the, Rep. Riddle wrote on her Facebook:

"Our soldiers do NOT need to be taught how to be sensitive to radical Muslims. They do not need to be worried about blowing their nose wrong or using their left hand and offending someone. . . . They should not be bothered with being sensitive to people who want us all dead! We need a true leader in the White House - a vote for Obama is a vote to destroy our country."

Abdul Pasha, a student at South Texas College of Law, responded that Rep. Riddle should actually read about the Red Team report before making bigoted comments.

Rep. Riddle responded:

"Abdul, if you are so offended by our soldiers then you don't need us or our money in Afghanistan. As an American I am greatly offended that we have had American soldiers killed by the very ones we were attempting to train and help - Afghanistan soldiers. Get a grip fellow - if you want to be an American act like one and be proud of our country and stand up for our military. If you can't do that then go where people are sensative [sic] enough for you - I guess that would be Afghanistan - where they still live like they are in the Stone Age - but still very sensitive."

Pasha, who was born in Pakistan, but became an American citizen when he was 10 years old, answered:

I'm not offended by our soldiers. They are the most underpaid and unappreciated members of our society. With that being said, there is nothing wrong with being critical of our policies and military industrial complex. Furthermore, Im offend by yall, who are so close minded that, its your way or get the hell out of here. The amount of xenophobia is incredible! A society does NOT work that way. All this does is alienate people. I would go to Afghanistan but only if all of yall come with me and see the truth rather than relay on what Fox News feeds yall. And, I don't have to "act" like an American. I am an American and I'm not going anywhere.