Jesse Ventura
CNN Anchor Piers Morgan was embarrassed by his own audience trying to echo government propaganda points only to be soundly countered by Jesse Ventura.

During Friday's appearance on CNN's Piers Morgan Show former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura countered numerous government propaganda talking points.

It was so bad that Morgan who was simply at a loss of any logical counter arguments was forced only to resort to the "you are a tin foil hat wearing crack pot" tactic.

Morgan receiving a cool reception to his own audience threw out the line "I think you make good points and I think you make crackpot points" to discredit Ventura and then hurriedly tried to change the subject by moving along to the next topic.

But Ventura wasn't having it and put Morgan in his place telling him "No! No! Now you wait!".

Ventura then turned to the audience "I want to hear who in the audience thinks I am making crackpot points.".

Silence from the crowd.

Then Ventura followed up "Now, I want to know who in the audience thinks I am making good points."

The entire audience cheered with applause.

This is only one of many examples where Piers Morgan was made to look like a fool throughout the show.

Sorry Morgan.

Watch the entire interview.