Ahmedabad - In a bizarre incident, Gandhinagar police recovered a human hand, suspected to be part of a female body, from InfoCity circle early on Saturday. The police have started search for the body.

According to police, watchman at a construction project near the InfoCity saw a dog chewing something that looked like human remains.

He went to the spot and shooed the dog away. To his horror, the watchman saw that the object was a hand from elbow to fingers in a decomposed state.

He immediately raised an alarm and informed police about it.

A team of forensic experts and police investigators rushed to the spot and examined the hand.

"From the structure, it seemed to be a woman's hand. The hand had lost most of its bone and was in a decomposed state with bites of animals on it. It has been sent to Gandhinagar civil hospital for analysis," said a police official.

"The hand might have been cut off during an accident or suicide. Another possibility is that the hand might have been taken away by animals from postmortem department. We checked an area of more than three km in radius from the spot but could not find any body," said S S Gadhavi, inspector of Sector 7 police station.

The forensic experts said that the hand must had remained exposed for more than a fortnight for such decomposition. "We are investigating the matter keeping all options open," said a police official.