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The device was not detonated and no one was hurt.

The NYPD is warning New York banks to concentrate their security efforts on mailrooms after a confirmed letter bomb was sent to the CEO of Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt, Germany, law enforcement officials said.

All New York banks are "being advised to take precautions" Wednesday after the device was detected in the mailroom of Deutsche Bank's headquarters overseas, addressed to Joseph Ackermann, the official said.

No one was injured.

The NYPD warning to bank security officials reads in part:"We have received a report of a confirmed mail (package) explosive device that was addressed and sent to ... Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt, Germany. The package was detected by X-ray technology inside the mail room. The package did not detonate."

NYPD officials are stepping up security around Deutsche Bank locations in the city. There was no immediate word on what individual or what group sent the apparent letter bomb, the official said.

The FBI said in a statement that its joint terror task force is "working with German authorities to assess the incident in Frankfurt and any potential threat to facilities or people here."

The FBI added that "there is no specific threat to New York associated with the incident at this time."

Deutsche Bank confirmed that a suspicious package was sent to the bank and had no other comment.