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Over the next months, Vancouver City Council members will consider a few new rules to add to the city code regarding parks. If adopted, that means no more booze and cigs in public parks.

The City of Vancouver Law Department and the Vancouver-Clark Parks and Recreation Department on Monday proposed to completely ban smoking any form of tobacco in public parks, trails and recreation centers, citing scientific research on the dangers of second-hand smoke. City staff also recommended prohibiting the possession and use of liquors, except during special events permitted by the city and state.

Also proposed is keeping people out of parks for unruly and disruptive behavior. The draft ordinance includes rules on how long a person can be banned from a public park or recreation facility. This can be as short as seven days or as long as one year, depending on the nature of the misconduct and prior violations of park rules.

Over the next 10 days, city staff will reach out to the community to seek comments about the new rules.

If adopted, the new rules will be implemented in public parks, trails and recreation centers around Clark County. Vancouver-Clark Parks and Recreation Department manages nearly 150 parks, 15 trails and four recreation centers.

Public hearings are tentatively scheduled for Nov. 8 and Dec. 5, after which the city council will vote on the ordinance.