Dick cheney

The human rights organization Amnesty International has set up a Twitter account named "Cheney's Conscience" that mocks the former vice president and links to a petition calling on U.S. Attorney General Holder to open a torture investigation.

"Is it Friday yet?! Who knew whitewashing #torture would be this hard?" a tweet from August 23 said.

"Look, of course waterboarding isn't torture. The lawyers I instructed to tell me it wasn't torture said so!" said another from August 19.

The bio of the Twitter page admits that the account is intended as a parody, but adds "there's nothing funny about war crimes." It also says Cheney's new memoir, In My Time, should be shelved in the "True Crime" section of bookstores.

In numerous tweets, "Cheney's Conscience" links to an Amnesty International petition calling for a criminal investigation of Cheney and former President George W. Bush.

"Former President George W. Bush and former Vice President Dick Cheney have stated that they endorsed the use of waterboarding," the petition states. "President Obama has acknowledged that waterboarding is torture. Torture is a crime under international law, and anyone involved must be brought to justice."

As recent as Thursday morning, Cheney told NBC's Jamie Gangel that he had "no regrets" about authorizing the waterboarding of terror suspects.