Prosecutors confirmed Wednesday that the infant who was allegedly dropped off a parking garage at the Children's Hospital of Orange County was a patient there.

According to prosecutors, Sonia Hermosillo removed the baby's helmet before allegedly pushing him from the parking structure. Then she reportedly walked into the hospital and validated her parking ticket.

Hermosillo was reportedly being treated for postpartum depression. Her husband, Noe Medina, told the Orange County Register that she was not allowed to be alone with the baby.

Hermosillo, 31, of La Habra, is charged with attempted murder and child abuse in connection with her 7-month-old son being dropped from the fourth story of the parking structure Monday evening.

The baby remains in critical condition at UCI Medical Center.

A picture of the baby released by police showed him wearing a helmet, and neighbors of the family said he had a birth defect.

A statement released by the Orange County District Attorney's office Wednesday confirmed that the child wore the helmet because of a medical condition and that he was a regular patient at the children's hospital, although he was not scheduled for an appointment on the day of the incident.

Police told The Times on Tuesday that Hermosillo appeared to have picked the garage randomly and that it did not appear the child had been a patient at the hospital.