Jagoe leaves court
© Channel TenGriffin Xanda de la Hunty Jagoe leaves court.
A 20-year-old man has described being tortured with railway spikes, having salt rubbed into knife wounds and then enduring a threat of being thrown into a pit full of snakes during his 12-hour kidnapping by "a genuine psychopath".

Griffin de la Hunty Jagoe continued giving evidence against Simon Sun, 46, Ranjardar Said, 28, and Sammy Conteh, 19, in a Perth District Court today.

All three men deny the charges of kidnapping, extortion and assault occasioning bodily harm.

Mr Jagoe was rescued by the police Tactical Response Group after they were alerted to his capture by his mother Barbara de la Hunty, the court heard.

Mr Jagoe was taken to a house in Bentley where he was allegedly threatened for more money on Friday, October 15 last year, until the following evening as part of ongoing extortion efforts by the three men, the prosecution and Mr Jagoe claimed.

Some of the alleged incidents were filmed on a mobile phone and played to the jury.

Mr Jagoe told how his tormentor, known as "Ibrahim", who the prosecution alleged was Mr Sun, used a knife to cut his own chest before turning it upon him.

"He first cut himself to intimidate me and licked the blood... rubbed it onto his fingers and licked and roared, I guess," Mr Jagoe testified.

"[It felt like] I was in the hands of a genuine psychopath."

Mr Jagoe appeared tearful as he described Ibrahim cutting his chest and arm and throwing salt and pepper into his wounds and eyes, saying it was "agony".

He said he couldn't see well and was "disorientated" with ringing in his ears, after being slapped to the head.

Ibrahim then took him out the back of the house to a well, which "seemed to be very deep and very dark", he told the court.

He said he saw movement at the bottom.

"[Ibrahim] said there was snakes in the pit and if I didn't pay him, I would end up in it," Mr Jagoe said.

He said Ibrahim had used heavy rail spikes and a claw hammer to tap them into his head, "hard enough to draw blood".

"[There was] unbelievable pain. I was terrified," he said, telling the jury he also suffered extensive headaches after the ordeal.

He was told by Ibrahim before he left the house that I had "better have the money for him or I would be killed".

Mr Jagoe said he was then threatened with an axe by "Sammy", who is alleged to be Mr Conteh.

"Sammy said I owed $2000 for all the trouble to find me and the headaches I had put them through... He said I had until midnight or I would lose a finger," he testified.

After Sammy pushed a railway spike under his fingernail he called his mother to ask her for the money.

"I told her I was in trouble and I needed to get $2000 by midnight," he said.

He said he was forced to remain in contact with her via text message, under the watchful eye of Mr Conteh.

He was eventually taken to Mr Said's apartment, who had been present during the assaults and had repeatedly hit Mr Jagoe himself at the start, the court heard.

Mr Said was moving out of his apartment and despite Mr Jagoe being left alone with two girls he did not try and tell them what had happened.

"I didn't know what to do, I was still in shock [from the assaults, the kidnapping, the fear," he said.

"[I] sat there, hugged a cushion I think... They said they knew people in the police force. I just wanted it to be over."

During cross-examination Mr Said's lawyer, Ian Hope, accused Mr Jagoe of having a "raging habit" for amphetamines at the time of the alleged incident and used to "jump at shadows".

Mr Jagoe agreed his behaviour was different to now but denied that his drug-taking was out of control.

"You have come to court to maintain your fantastic tale, isn't that right?" Mr Hope said.

"True tale," Mr Jagoe corrected.

The trial continues.