© WikipediaSequoyah Nuclear Plant, Tennessee
In a startling and strange occurrence, two American nuclear reactors triggered automatic shutdowns within twelve hours of each other.

Late Thursday night an automatic shutdown that occurred at the Sequoyah Nuclear Plant in Tennessee was supposedly caused by a coolant pump. Officials have reported that no radiation leakage occurred.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission says the unit 1 reactor at Sequoyah Nuclear Plant near Chattanooga automatically tripped.

The commission said the incident late Thursday night was traced to a coolant pump and apparently caused no leakage. It was classified non-emergency. Auxiliary feedwater automatically actuated as expected, the commission said Friday. The unit 2 reactor was not affected, the commission said.
At 10:46am Friday morning a nuclear reactor automatically shutdown at the Susquehanna Nuclear Power Plant in Pennsylvania. This shutdown apparently occurred for no apparent reason.

The Unit 2 reactor at PPL's Susquehanna nuclear power plant in northeastern Pennsylvania shut down automatically at 10:46 a.m. Friday (8/19). The unit was operating at full power at the time. The shutdown occurred during scheduled, routine equipment surveillance; the cause is under investigation.

"The reactor shut down safely. All plant systems are operating as designed," said Timothy S. Rausch, senior vice president and chief nuclear officer for PPL Susquehanna.

He said a thorough assessment began immediately to understand the reason for the shutdown, and to identify actions that plant workers may need to take before restarting the reactor. Susquehanna Unit 1 continues to operate at full power.
The sad fact is regardless whether or not these automatic shutdowns resulted in a radiation release, officials would declare that everything is safe.

History shows that nuclear power plants and the NRC have absolutely no credibility and that all major radiation releases in history have resulted in a large scale cover up.

Consider this, nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen has reported that various U.S. governmental agencies are taking part in a large scale cover up and have a policy to downplay all dangers posed by the multiple meltdowns that occurred at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant in Japan.

These two shutdowns most likely did not result in a radiation release, but at the end of the day the American people will ONLY be told what our government and the nuclear industry wants us to know which, unfortunately, is more often than not, far less than is needed to protect ourselves.