Tense moments in Mexico as thousands of soccer fans are interrupted by gun fire outside the Corona stadium Saturday in Torreon, Mexico.

"It sounded like fireworks, at first," said a Hispanic broadcaster with Telefutura during the live telecast.

Thousands of fans started to run immediately to take cover, some down to the field and others to wherever they found themselves shielded.

Players on the other hand seemed to run into the locker rooms while it all unfolded.

"Loud blasts were heard, presumably from outside. The stadium is in lock down," tweeted Univision's Rosana Franco.

News reports from Mexico indicate the shooting took place outside the Corona stadium.

ESPN was another Television network that was transmitting the game live and suspended its programming in Mexico after the shooting.

The game between the Santos Laguna and Monarcas Morelia soccer teams was playing the 40th minute of the first half when the first gun shots erupted.

It was initially believed to be inside the stadium but later reports indicated the shooting was taking place just outside the Corona stadium, in Torreon, home of Santos Laguna.

According to later news reports, the shooting was result of an attack on police officers outside the stadium.