An Army Private is accused of trying to board a plane with an explosive material at the Yuma International Airport. TSA detected the explosive material during a security check. U.S. Army Private First Class Christopher Eric Wey was detained for investigation before boarding a flight to Los Angeles from Yuma yesterday. TSA found one-half ounce of C4 explosive hidden in a tobacco can inside one of Wey's bags.

"He was taking part in a 7 week explosives training course in yuma, in which they were using and learning how to detonate explosives, including c4," explained Robert Sherwood with the U.S. Attorney's Office in Arizona.

He said Wey was leaving Yuma after being released early from the program for poor performance.

"He was terminated from that course for failure to meet core standards," Sherwood said.

And allegedly, he tried to take home a souvenir. "He said that he found a small quantity of C4 in an area after a demonstration, and he picked it up, put it in his pocket and I quote, 'I was going to take it home and show my family and then dispose of it,'" Sherwood stated.

But TSA found the explosive material before he had the chance.

"Officers detected the presence of an explosive called c4. It's a very small amount but it was discovered in his baggage," said Sherwood.

He was not allowed to board the aircraft and the investigation was taken over by the FBI.

"He was arrested and charged with an Attempt to Carry an Explosive on an Aircraft and Transportation of a Stolen Explosive," he continued. "It doesn't appear that he has any harmful motive from his statement that he gave to the fbi, but it's still a dangerous situation and extremely illegal."

And late today, 19 year old, Wey was released on his recognisanse. If convicted of all charges, he could face ten years behind bars and a maximum fine of a quarter million dollars.