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Charged: TSA worker Nelson Santiago-Serrano, 30, is accused of swiping $50,000 worth of electronics from passengers
  • SA agent Nelson Santiago-Serrano charged in Florida
  • He allegedly admitted theft to police
  • Allegedly sold stolen goods online during shifts
The list of consumer complaints against the TSA over recent months may soon have to include theft, in addition to groping and racial profiling.

That's because a Transportation Security Administration worker has been charged with two counts of grand theft for allegedly stealing electronics out of passengers' luggage, authorities in Florida said Thursday.

According to the Broward County Sheriff's Office, Nelson Santiago-Serrano, 30, was caught by a Continental Airlines employee stealing an iPad from a suitcase in Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport's Terminal 1 on Monday.

Mr Santiago-Serrano was allegedly seen trying to stuff the device into his pants, reports the Broward-Palm Beach New Times.

Police say that after they arrested him on Monday, he admitted to stealing computers, GPS devices, video cameras, and other electronics from bags he was supposed to be screening.

Cops say Mr Santiago-Serrano would then take pictures of the items, then list them for sale online.

They say many of the items would be sold before he even finished his shift at the airport.

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Security: Transportation Security Administration employees screen passenger bags at nearby Miami International Airport in a file photo

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Screeners: Mr Santiago-Serrano allegedly admitted to cops that he sold stolen items online while still at work (file photo)
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Trouser tablet: An iPad, like the one Mr Santiago-Serrano allegedly tried to hide in his pants
Detectives claim he stole an estimated $50,000 from fliers over the past six months.

Police are asking people to come forward if they think they had something stolen, but they say chances of actually recovering the goods are not good.

Mr Santiago-Serrano was released on a $4,000 bond Tuesday, though police say they may file additional charges against him soon.

According to the Broward County clerk of courts, he does not have a lawyer or any scheduled court dates.

He reportedly no longer works for the TSA, though he had started with the agency in January 2009.

Recently, allegations had surfaced that TSA agents in Newark airport had engaged in racial profiling of passengers, by singling out Hispanic men for additional screening.

One agent was disciplined and others received training after colleagues accused them of acting as 'Mexican hunters'.

Meanwhile, a number of people have complained of being 'groped' by TSA agents during body searches.