© Sergei Samokhin
A court in Belarus fined a one-armed man for taking part in unsanctioned "clapping" protests in Minsk earlier in the week, Belarusian information website Khartiya-97 reported on Friday.

"The court ruled that the disabled man by the name of Konstantin will have to pay a fine of 1.05 million Belarusian rubles [some $200]," the website said.

The man was found guilty by the court of clapping in a public place. The fact that the man was clapping was proved by one of the witnesses during the trial.

No explanations were given on how the man was able to clap with only one hand.

A new wave of protests in Minsk and other cities on Sunday saw police use teargas to break up a protest in Minsk in which demonstrators clapped over an Independence Day speech by President Alexander Lukashenko, repeating recent midweek protests organized on social networking websites.