Since early this month, has been predicting an arctic blast for half of the United States, far colder than anything seen this winter yet, and it looks like it is coming.

According to our meteorologist's analysis and report today, cold air coming out of Western Canada will dip directly into the United States next week, bringing the coldest air through the Canada and North Dakota border by January 17th, with -30F temperatures expected.

Temperatures are expected to be below zero, even at -10F or lower a day or two after in areas like Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Northern Missouri, Eastern Nebraska, and Iowa.

A week after, around January 24th, The Northeastern United States may have temperatures well below zero for even a daytime high as the polar vortex moves through Eastern Canada.

This is a dangerous situation coming up, which will lead to many deaths in anyone exposed to this cold for a short period of time over a large area of the Upper part of the Central and Eastern United States.