© Solent News & Photo AgencyPeek-a-boo: A rabbit pops his head up from the drain before scuttling underground
Living by a busy road, these animals aren't willing to take any chances when it comes to getting across safely.

Instead, a rabbit and a stoat are cleverly using an underground network of drains to make it to the other side.

The cute animals scuttle from one side of the road to the other and pop out of drains in order to avoid being hit by traffic.

And a fluffy little owl also uses the same underground network as a home while waiting for its mother to bring food.

Amateur wildlife photographer Paul Bunyard captured the shots while driving on his way to work in Rugby, Warwickshire.

The 38-year-old was able to grab a quick photo of the stoat before it popped back into the drain.

However, while the Ministry of Justice communications officer was waiting for it to emerge, the curious creature appeared at the other side of the road.

Mr Bunyard said: 'I thought he had become spooked by me stopping the car, but when he popped up nearer to where I was about 20 seconds later I couldn't believe it.

'He must have just been curious and wanted to get a closer look at me and my camera.'

A few days earlier, Mr Bunyard also spotted a rabbit poking its head out of a drain on the same road.

'It looked pretty young, about a month old, and it's the season for newborn animals,' he said.

He added that he saw the owl, along with a sibling, being fed by their mother.

Mr Bunyard put cones along the road to make sure vehicles did not get too close to the drains.

He added: 'I think they just see it as a safe warren and it's probably quite a clean run inside. It's a clever way for them to cross the road.'

© Solent News & Photo AgencyStoat, look, listen: The creature uses a network of drains to cross the road
© Solent News & Photo AgencyWhat a hoot! A baby owl waits for its mother in a road-side drain
© Solent News & Photo AgencyClever: The rabbit pokes its head out of the drain, looking out for traffic
© Solent News & Photo AgencyCurious: The rabbit comes out of its hiding place to have a look around