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As the northern hemisphere struggles to shake off one of its coldest winters in living memory, controversy in Zion is heating up the race for global supremacy. Has a rupture of potentially seismic proportions set the US and Israel on a collision course with global consequences? Or are we witnessing a scripted drama that's just the latest move on the grand chessboard? The Secret Team hopes to load the dice in its favor whatever the outcome.

Can the waters of 9/11 Truth be held back much longer? After 9 years of successful containment, is it finally breaching the information wall? We'll examine the recent string of blatant attempts to frame Americans for "domestic terrorism" against the background moves to implement full lockdown before 9/11 Truth goes viral. The metro bombings in Moscow bore all the hallmarks of a War of Terror™ false-flag terror attack, replete with premature forensics, the official story contradicting eyewitness accounts and a Bin Laden-style video message. The first question to always ask is, Qui bono?

The Pope hasn't a prayer of coming out of this month unscathed. It's a measure of the visibly pathological state of the Catholic Church that it's hierarchy should invoke the most despicable slur available to stave off its day of reckoning, and in doing so, firmly align itself with that other death cult which invokes "religion" to justify its toxic existence in Palestine. Climategate firmly knocked The Church of Anthropogenic Global Warming out of its pulpit; the only water rising there is denial, with much of the herd still adamant that bovine excrement is causing climate change and must urgently be capped with the help of 'green debt' in the form of Carbon Default Swaps.

We can assure you that there are no real anti-Semites or "Islamo-fascists" out there worth losing any sleep over, but there is a strong whiff of fascism with a distinctly Christian-Zionist odor bubbling up from below like methane from the ocean floor. We'll chart the rise of the Pathocracy's Uruk-hai footsoldiers and note the gains made by far-right parties across Europe in March. Countering the rising fascist tides are hopeful signs of people power and resistance to the entropic trend.

Join us as we connect the dots in March...

Controversy in Zion

Israel's colonisation of Palestine is relentless. It's become a pivotal issue in countries' relations with Israel, but only to the extent that non-Israelis lip-synch their disapproval at press conferences while submitting behind closed doors. This asymmetric ability of a tiny nation to bring tremendous pressure to bear upon the world's leaders exemplifies the psychopath's ability to subvert the will of others to do its bidding, only it's happening on a macro-social scale. The psychopaths of Israel are not exclusively the cause of this bizarre situation - it requires the active participation and support of 'like-minded people' at every stage. They implicitly, or even explicitly in some cases, agree upon 'the issues' to be publicly discussed, all the while tremendous maneuvers of Machiavellian intensity and deceit take place behind the media curtain. Despite the information veil, it's not difficult to see the deeper schemes, although it certainly helps if you are not drugged out by the poisoned food and water supply, hypnotised by TVs, and making continuous efforts to grow in knowledge.

gaza siege children
© rafahtodayGaza notched up its thousandth day under brutal siege
When it comes to 'the issue' of Israel's "illegal settlements" in Occupied Palestine, dissent is permissible so long as it's limited to criticism of territory yet to be colonised. It's as ludicrous as trying to appease a psychopath: "Please, Mr. Psychopath! Please stop there! When is enough enough?!" It's never enough. They cannot be appeased. Once Israel has its flag in the ground, woe befalls the politician who looks to the past. The world leader who hits closest to the mark is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. He reminds everybody from time to time that the ENTIRE settlement of 'Israel' is illegal, immoral and a curse upon the planet. And for that, Israel wants to exterminate him.

As Gaza notched its thousandth day under brutal siege, US Vice President Biden arrived in the 'Holy Land' to talk shop with its regional partner in war crimes. The Israeli government extended a welcoming slap in the face by announcing plans to build 1,600 homes for Jewish Orthodox Zealots in east Jerusalem, just as he was to sit down for the state dinner. Biden could have got on the plane and flown home, but he played out the humiliation and meekly condemned the move, opening a month of speculation in the mainstream media about "tension in US-Israeli relations." But if Biden was feeling the tension, he certainly masked it well, declaring on his visit to Theodore Herzl's tomb: "You don't have to be a Jew to be a Zionist. I also see myself as a Zionist." The Associated Press informed us that US Secretary of State Clinton "delivered a stinging rebuke" to Netanyahu, who brazenly claimed to be "unaware" that Israel's Interior Ministry intended to announce the annexation of a suburb of Jerusalem on the day of Biden's visit. Israel certainly anticipated Palestinians' reactions to the move, sealing the West Bank shut for several days as widespread protests erupted. Netanyahu is a deft hand when it comes to applying game theory to eke out maximum possible territorial advantage. He pulled off the same 'who, me?' maneuver during his first stint as psychopath-in-chief of Israel in the 1990s:
Jordan had signed a peace treaty with Israel in 1994 only to see the architect of that accord, Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, gunned down by an Israeli terrorist in 1995. When Netanyahu won the elections that followed, Jordan's late King Hussein had hopes he could work with Bibi. Hussein tried to build confidence by receiving the Israeli prime minister in Amman in August 1996, only to have the Israelis begin digging a tunnel under Muslim holy places in Jerusalem a few days later. In February 1997, Hussein invited Netanyahu to Amman again, hoping to improve the atmosphere, but the next day the Israelis announced approval of a whole new Jewish neighborhood, Har Homa, to be built in East Jerusalem. In both cases the timing seemed planned not only to embarrass King Hussein, but to implicate and weaken him.

Finally, King Hussein wrote bluntly to Netanyahu: "You are destroying peace. I have no trust in you." In his response to the king, Netanyahu professed to be "amazed by your personal attack."
Bibi wasn't too happy to learn that Barry had ditched him for dinner
As Obama stammered out the same old sound-bytes about the "peace process", "illegal settlements" and the "need to confront Iran", the right-wing mad dogs in Israel went wild with derision, calling him "anti-Semitic, pro-Arab, an agent of the PLO." Even Netanyahu's brother-in-law got in on the act. Meanwhile IRmep (Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy) published documents pertaining to the FBI and other US government agencies' ongoing investigations into Israel lobby group AIPAC. They detail how Israelis are "compromising the authority of the President of the United States" by leaking information to US Congress, going behind the backs of US industry giants by "tactically divulging" classified documents, "usurping" the authority of the US government and confirming that at least one member of AIPAC's staff is an asset of Israeli intelligence. Given that the second most powerful member of the US government is an ardent Zionist and probably an agent of the Mossad, what else can Obama do to dampen Israeli exuberance? Well, this for starters. It's been a long time coming. The US Department of Justice has been formally asked (the press release didn't say by whom, though we can assume from someone in the White House) to begin regulating AIPAC as the foreign agent of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Sounds promising doesn't it? Israel overreaches, humiliating its sugar-daddy in the process, so the US reacts by keeping its agents in check and ensuring it isn't drawn into another war for Israel. However, there's just one little problem. Beyond press releases and disapproving op-eds in Zionist-owned media, nothing has changed on the ground. The lobby is marching full steam ahead in the halls of Congress, practically writing the laws that will soon commence the Siege of Iran. Israeli jets (made in the USA) pounded Gaza mid-month to the sound of deafening silence from across the Atlantic Ocean. While 'the issue' of illegal settlements focused on the 1,600 homes announced during Biden's visit, the media completely overlooked a separate announcement from the Israeli government to the effect that 50,000 new housing units for east Jerusalem had been approved!

Much was made of Obama diverting a cargo of "smart-bunker-busters" destined for Israel, but re-routed to Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean instead. Few in the mainstream have picked up on the fact that this deceptive move brings these munitions within firing range of Iran. It's from this strategically located island (stolen by the British and its natives forcibly expelled before being handed over to the US as an airbase) that air strikes were launched during Operation Desert Storm against Iraq and currently against Afghanistan. We think Keith Johnson hit the nail on the head in his analysis of this sleight of hand:
This announcement brought cheers and jeers from opposite ends of the political spectrum while leaving those in the middle, well...perplexed. [...] The diplomatic theatre going on between Israel and the Obama administration has everybody fooled. But this entire political circus is purely for public consumption. The short-term goal is to create the illusion that there is a riff between the two nations, while the larger scheme is intended to give Israel complete inculpability when the U.S. finally decides to strike Iran. [...]

But by creating the illusion that those weapons were intended on being delivered to Israel, the contrived "last-minute decision" to divert them to housing on Diego Garcia appears to be merely an innocuous logistics decision.[...] This is not a place where bombs go to sit in storage. This is a place they go before they're launched. [...]

This strategy to make Israel look like an estranged child from its parent gives them complete deniability once the bombs start dropping. They believe that this staged feud between Israel and the U.S. will put the kibosh on any allegations that the two are working in concert. But behind the scenes, they hope to provoke Iran into a retaliatory strike on Israel in order to lend justification for their involvement and compel the American people to come to their defense. [...]

Such is the game being played on us concerning Obama, his motivations and his true relationship with Israel. He's a Muslim... He's a Jew... He's black... He's white... He's for Israel...He's against Israel. It's all drama, intended on keeping the audience confused and deceived [...]
gaza siege
© superficiala.comGaza under renewed attack as Israeli threatens another slaughterfest
It can't be a coincidence that this public tantrum in US-Israeli relations happened on the eve of AIPAC's annual war party in Washington, DC... with Netanyahu as its guest of honour. There was no "stinging rebuke" from Clinton this time as she told the delegates exactly what they wanted to hear. What else could she say, given that nearly every Congressman and woman signed a letter to her supporting Israel's Yahweh-given right to conquer what remains of Palestine? The strongest card Emperor Obama could play in this charade was to stand Netanyahu up for dinner. The conference ended to the news that Israel intends to rev up its colonisation across the West Bank, while more bombs rained down on hapless Gaza. Oh, and Israeli "Defence" Minister Ehud Barak made use of the trip to Imperial Headquarters to secure another massive arms deal from the Pentagon. That's chutzpah for you folks.

And yet, we do wonder if a real schism is developing between the US and Israel. Gordon Duff over at VeteransToday.com makes a good case for this being so. The problem is that the US is so thoroughly double-crossed by its partner in every sphere that any attempt to remove the parasite's tentacles puts the country in mortal danger. For now, Obama is staying on message about the Israeli fantasy of Iranian nukes. This episode has only emboldened Israel to brutalise the Palestinians some more, their US-made-to-order jets, helicopters and tanks terrorizing Gazans over the Easter weekend. In fact, Israel is menacing all its neighbours in the knowledge that it has the US over the barrel of a gun.

Terrorizing 9/11 Truth

If it's been difficult for US leaders to influence America's foreign policy since the military-industrial complex retained control after the Second World War, it's proven impossible to do so since the US sealed its Faustian bargain with Israel on 9/11. The US Empire is damned if it does cut the flow of money and arms to Israel and damned if it doesn't. The truth about 9/11 is going to emerge one way or another. How its momentum is managed will determine (or so the contracting parties think) who is left without a chair when the music stops. While it's broadly in both the US and Israeli governments interests to keep a lid on the truth by distracting the US population any which way it can, there appears to be a game of hide and seek taking place through the media to prepare the ground and cast one or the other in the role of villain. This was in evidence these past few weeks as '9/11 Truth' hit the mainstream like never before.

© Associated PressPsychopathic logic: Tall building + airplane + fire + billowing black smoke against blue sky background = yet another reminder to Americans why they need us
Rather than vilify those who question the official conspiracy theory about the events of 9/11, the Washington Times carried an article at the end of February which presented a reasonable summation of the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth's modest queries concerning the presence of "advanced explosive nano-thermitic composite material found in the World Trade Center dust." This was bracketed by two bizarre incidents of "domestic terrorism." First software engineer Joe Stack flew his small plane on a kamikaze mission into the IRS building in downtown Austin, Texas. The suicide note attributed to him certainly hit all the right notes in terms of depicting an 'average Joe' (please excuse the pun) totally fed up with his government's behavior, but we wondered how a Haz-Mat (Hazardous Materials) unit was stationed nearby, as if in anticipation of the event. Perhaps the authorities were aware of his plan and let it happen on purpose? There are several possibilities here, but the main thing to note is that it marked the beginning of a slew of 'domestic terrorism' incidents throughout March. Just ten days after the Times' coverage of the WTC demolitions, lo and behold, a '9/11 conspiracy theorist' was shot dead in a shootout at the Pentagon. John Patrick Bedell's gripe with the military supposedly centered around the death of Marine Colonel James Sabow, who died under suspicious circumstances in 1991, but a particular line the media picked up on was an alleged online posting he made concerning the "September 11 demolitions."

Clearly this is COINTELPRO (counterintelligence programme) at work, whereby an association is being made between 'random' acts of violence and people doubting the official account of 9/11. Just 24 hours before a large conference on 9/11 held in Pennsylvania, the Southern Poverty Law Center released its 'Rage on the Right' report documenting the "astonishing rise in anti-government hate groups." Included on its blacklist were the 9/11 Truth group We Are Change, tossed in with real anti-Semites and nutzoid racists. The only mainstream American media present was ABC News 'reporter' Chris Bury, who produced a quintessential piece of hatchet journalism when he interviewed Loose Change producers Dylan Avery and Corey Rowe at the Treason in America conference in the hope of entrapping them into saying something 'hateful.' Avery and Rowe knew full well what angle Bury was gunning for and called him out on it brilliantly. It's interesting to study Bury's reactions to their answers - truth bounces off psychopaths like teflon.

What would a terrorist look like?
© John Sherffius
Our own Joe Quinn noted the succession of hyped incidents of "homegrown domestic American terrorists" which immediately followed the introduction of the draconian "Enemy Belligerent, Interrogation, Detention, and Prosecution Act of 2010," put forward by Senators McCain and Lieberman. This bill would effectively "encode into law President Bush's assertion that he could arrest and imprison even American citizens in a military prison indefinitely without charges or any kind of trial." There's no way such an unconstitutional measure could become law without the necessary pretext, so enter Jihad Jane, Jihad Jamie and friends to sell this next plank in the psychopaths' agenda. The media would have us believe they are all 'self-hating Americans', but the only thing they all have in common is that they are connected to alleged plots through internet postings they supposedly wrote, or they were entrapped by federal agents into concocted schemes of the government's own creation. The four black New Yorkers in the "plot to bomb New York synagogues" said the plan was completely hatched and directed by a federal informant who badgered the defendants incessantly until they got involved in the plot:
They said the informant chose the targets, supplied fake bombs for the synagogues and a fake missile to shoot down planes. The motion said he also offered to pay the defendants, who attorneys alleged weren't inclined toward any crime until the informant began recruiting them.
March closed with yet another high-profile incident of "domestic terrorism" as an obscure group calling itself the Hutaree Militia was raided in blustering SWAT-team style, ostensibly to thwart a harebrained scheme to target police officers and "incite the revolution." The US media duly noted that its members were "all conspiracy theorists that think the government is trying to take over," once again implying that anyone who questions 9/11 is a violent extremist. As has been seen time and time again, the Hutaree were beholden to an undercover FBI agent whose masters are desperately trying to provoke violence and thus incite the very 'revolution' they need in order to purge dissent. The powers that be in the US are itching to go to 'full lockdown' before mass awareness that 9/11 was an inside job goes viral. Noting the Michigan Militia's intimate history with the Republican Party and its anti-democratic history as strike-breakers along the lines of Nazi Germany's SA and SS, Gordon Duff sees the 'breakaway' Hutaree as evidence of new dimension to the 'fun and games' deception of the Secret Team:
American brownshirts for hire: the "Christian-Jewish-Zionist-anti-Muslim" Hutaree Militia
If any two individuals speak for the anti-government militias, they are Glen Beck and Sarah Palin. I would credit strong anti-government bias with patriotism were I not familiar with the record of the militia movement. In Michigan, the militia movement disbanded when "W" was "elected" stating "there is no longer any need to protect America with a man like Bush in the White House."

Months later we had 9/11 followed by the Patriot Acts, the new Homeland Security bureaucracy, the attack on Iraq, the Katrina meltdown and then the economic collapse. It wasn't until the insurance industry was threatened with regulation that the militia movements reemerged as "End of Days" and "Rapture/Apocalypse" groups. Anyone who doesn't smell the under-the-table payoffs involved in the new militias isn't paying much attention.

Having thousands of uneducated Christian Zionist mercenaries, unknowing as to their own status, mind you, running loose in America is like having our own Mossad 5th column ready to act on orders from above. Picture them, camo outfits, assault rifles, in front of the TV, crying along with Glen Beck waiting for the "secret signal" that will announce the "End of Days." How we end up with strong ties between generations of Christian Zionists and Jew hating fanatics who planned the first "gas chambers" is an oddity of history. Call it "strange bedfellows."
Jesse Ventura was reeling from The Huffington Post's censorship of his article on 911 at the end of the month, but he had some success earlier on, appearing on MSNBC's USA Today to remind Americans of history that remains untold. On March 10 the FAA did what it should have done on 9/11, contacting NORAD about a plane that had violated restricted airspace over Washington DC. The single-engine Cessna 172 was immediately intercepted and escorted to a nearby municipal airport. In the midst of all this the Universe sent another subtle hint as NORAD announced that it was planning another of its now infamous "training exercises", while the CIA had its (dead) star performer turn out yet another comical guest appearance for the War on Terror™ roadshow. You know this brewing awakening about 9/11 must be ruffling some feathers when the psychopathic elite are finally prepared, after nearly a decade, to compensate emergency workers and volunteers for the incalculable physical trauma they received from the toxic cloud produced by the vaporized buildings at Ground Zero.

If violence against civilians defines terrorism, then how do people in a war zone distinguish friendly forces?
It's little wonder the US government blocked Russia state-owned English language news channel Russia Today from advertising in the US. It has been airing all manner of stories related to '9/11 Truth' and the suppression of dissent in America. This month it published a series of interviews with 'Truthers', including Jesse Ventura's response to The Huffington Post's removal of his article. It's clear that the Russian government is keeping pressure on the US. As is Iran's Ahmadinejad, this time saying that "September 11 was a big lie and a pretext for the war on terror and a prelude to invading Afghanistan." The Washington Post mocked Japan's Fujita Yukihisa as he once more brought 9/11 up for discussion in the Japanese parliament. Harder to suppress was the revelation that the Bush administration explicitly warned the 9/11 Commission "not to probe too deeply" into the very issue it was meant to probe thoroughly. But then, when its members are aware that 9/11 was a conspiracy 30 years in the making, they're unlikely to veer too far from the party line:

The US media can harp on about "conspiracy theorists on the lunatic fringe" till the cows come home, but the fact is 100 million Americans and counting are asking the right questions. There are just too many holes to plug and not enough psychopathic pundits to fill them. But with militias, renegade soldiers, tea-partyers and COINTELPRO coming out from the woodwork angry and armed to the teeth, it's all over bar the crying for humanity and dignity in the United States of America. Perhaps all that remains to be seen is whether competing factions for the throne of World Government can spin 9/11 as an exclusively 'inside job' - laying the blame at the US government's door - or an 'outside job' - deflecting the blame towards Israel and the Mossad if and when the Dominionist crowd decide it's time to cut Israel loose.

Underground Express Manipulation

On the eve of "Palestine Land Day" and the "International Week for the Boycott of Apartheid Israel", two bombs exploded at rush-hour in downtown Moscow subway stations, killing 38 people and injuring at least 65 more. No one initially claimed responsibility. Eyewitness reports suggest the bombs may have been triggered by the door mechanism, as both detonations occurred just as passengers began to disembark from the trains. Novaya Gazeta reports:
According to the employees of the metro system, the first explosion at the Loubianka station happened at 7:52am in the train following the "Podbelskaya Street" line, in the second car on the door closing. The second blast rocked the "Park Kultury" station at 8:39 am; it came from the fifth car from the end of a train coming from the "Yugo-Zapadnaia" station, at the moment when the doors have opened to allow the passengers to exit. [...]

"From the "Yugo-Zapadnaia", the train was traveling slowly with frequent stops. Little by little we got to "Park Kultura" station. I was in the very end of the second car, with my back turned to the third one (where the blast is going to happen). The Loubianka explosion had already happened, but of course nobody in our train knew that. The engineer announced via the loudspeaker that "due to technical difficulties the train will not continue its route, please use other means of transportation".

"People have assembled to exit the train, the doors opened. I stepped out, and that was it. I felt a sudden push into the back of my head, and heard a clap. Something wet and soft hit my back; later I found that I was all covered in other people's blood."
Eyewitness accounts be damned, within two hours the public was informed that the perpetrators were female suicide bombers and the media did not hesitate to point the finger at Islamist rebels in in the North Caucasus (which includes Chechnya and Ingushetia). The chief of the Federal Security Service (FSB, formerly known as the KGB), Alexander Bortnikov said its investigators believed the attacks had been carried out by "terrorist groups related to the North Caucasus... Fragments of the bodies of two female suicide bombers were found earlier at the scene of the incident and examinations show that these individuals came from the North Caucasus region."

How he came up so fast with such conclusions was not explained. But those who trade with information do not have to, as they know that the traumatic effect of the first few hours is key to burn an idea on the public's mind. No doubt they were well aware that the suggestion of 'female Islamists' would remind Russians of the horrors of Beslan in 2004. The trigger words were obviously successful as random attacks on Muslims in subway stations followed.

Russian media have identified by name the alleged widowed suicide bombers, publishing these photographs of 17 year old Dzhennet Abdurakhmanova.

© Newsteam/AFP/Getty ImagesDzhennet Abdurakhmanova, who is believed to have carried out one of the Moscow metro bombings, poses with her late husband Umalat Magomedov.
© IntelCenter/APThis undated frame grab image made available by IntelCenter and taken from a video posted on a pro-rebel website Wednesday, purports to show Chechen warlord Doku Umarov.
Chechen rebel leader Doku Umarov has also appeared (Bin Laden-style) on an undated online video claiming responsibility for the attacks. This despite his spokesman Shemsettin Batukaev disavowed Chechen responsibility for the attack the day before:
"We did not carry out the attack in Moscow, and we don't know who did it," Shemsettin Batukaev, a spokesman for the Caucasus Emirate organisation, told Reuters by telephone in Turkey.

The spokesman said the group planned attacks on economic targets inside Russia, but not against civilians. [...]
Hmmm... An 'Islamist suicide terror attack' on the eve of pro-Palestinian and anti-Israeli celebrations, complete with a prefabricated explanatory tale and terror video of a bearded evil mastermind. If it wasn't for the Chechen Bin Laden's spokesman raining on the parade of The Secret Team & Friends (i.e. CIA, Mossad and similar psychopathic organizations) we would almost have fallen for it... Then again, maybe we wouldn't.

It was also said that the 'suicide bombers' might have been motivated by a forest massacre in the Northern Caucasus in which garlic-picking villagers were caught in a crossfire and then executed by government forces. Interestingly, the daily Kommersant said the second bomber, tentatively identified as 20-year-old Markha Ustarkhanova from Chechnya, was the widow of a militant leader killed last October while he was preparing to assassinate Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov, who is backed by the Kremlin. In September Kadyrov made some curious remarks about the conflict in Chechnya:
"The West is interested in separating the Caucasus from Russia. The Caucasus is a strategic frontier of Russia. Taking the Caucasus away from Russia will mean taking half of the country away from Russia. Now they are sending groups of foreigners to us. We are fighting U.S. and British special services in the mountains," Kadyrov said in an interview with the newspaper Zavtra.

[...] "Of course. There was a terrorist named Chitigov, he worked for the CIA. He had U.S. citizenship. He was a brigadier general under Khattab. When we destroyed him - I led the operation then - we found an American driving license on him, and his other documents were American," Kadyrov said.
Another strange element of this story - or perhaps not strange at all if you've been paying attention to the patterns behind the staging of false flag terror attacks - is that two days before the bombings several hundred people were evacuated from a Moscow subway station as smoke appeared in a train car, allegedly as a result of an electrical fault. Was this a trial run, or perhaps an excuse to get people out of the way while 'special arrangements' were made?

There is also the curious fact that the first bomb exploded in Lubyanka station, which happens to be right beneath the headquarters of the FSB. If the FSB was involved, did it choose a station that could be easily monitored? But if it was not involved, was the Russian intelligence service being sent a provocative message, forcing the government to reinforce its involvement in the War on Terror™? Depending on how you look at it, Putin's visit to Venezuela within days of the attacks to cement trade deals (particularly in arms) and to apparently help kick-start both a space program and a nuclear program for Chavez' Bolivarian Revolution, can mean one of a couple of things. Either he was unfazed by the attacks because he knew they were coming... or the generous visit to Chavez was his counter-move to the metro bombings. There are doubtless other factors involved, but the timing alone is very curious.

Two days after the subway attacks, two more "suicide" bombings took place in Dagestan. Three days later police defused another bomb, also in Dagestan. Apparently a vehicle exploded as a police patrol approached. A man wearing police uniform then approached the site and blew himself up as officers and medical teams gathered around the scene.

Such trauma is eagerly imported by other countries that are in Orwellian moods. New Yorkers had to endure the presence of policemen carrying M16 assault rifles in subway stations - just in case one of those Moscow terrorists took the wrong train and ended under Manhattan.
© Post photos: G.N. MillerON THE M16 LINE: Members of the NYPD's elite Hercules unit patrol a subway car at Grand Central Terminal and stand watch at the 51st Street station in response to the Moscow attacks.

Gordon Duff pointed out that "the popular video game 'Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2' even has a terrorist attack on a transportation center in Moscow built into it, a "false flag" attack. Today, the real thing happened." He asks the first question people should ask of everything they hear or read about: Who benefits from today's attack on Moscow?
The basic rule is simply this: if terrorists suffer as a result of an attack, bring down massive retaliation, if new laws are passed or a public is aroused, then we are probably dealing with a "false flag" attack, not a genuine terrorist act. If a terror attack, such as the phony "Crotch Bombing" in Detroit are staged and individuals tied directly to security agencies make millions in profits overnight, you can be absolutely certain, no questions asked.
Big Brother is a Maniac

The Information Awareness Office seal
© TimeThe Information Awareness Office seal
The daily reports of new technologies, initiatives, and tightening security measures show us that the Surveillance Industrial Complex has become an unstoppable part of everyday life. Shane Harris, the author of How America Became a Surveillance State, lays out the U.S. government's real-life efforts to see and hear more in the face of growing terrorist threats. He pays particular attention to Total Information Awareness (TIA), a post-9/11 research project spearheaded by John Poindexter, once President Reagan's National Security Adviser:
We've crossed into this era where surveillance and surveillance capabilities in the government are just a reality, and I don't think you're going to see Congress taking away that authority. They'll try and tighten up the controls and the oversight. But you don't hear anybody seriously - or at least not any of the influential members of Congress - saying, Yeah, we need to get rid of the Patriot Act altogether and go back to the way it was before Sept. 11. That's not going to happen.
© Zap Art/GettyNowhere to run to, nowhere to hide
Sadly, that is the reality of the situation. As surveillance technology extends its reach into almost every aspect of our lives, it has past the point where it can be undone. It will only become more invasive as it develops in sophistication. A glance at the developments this month are an alarming reminder of just how far the campaign of Total Information Awareness has come:
  • Homeland Security would like Drones to be commonplace in US skies.
  • The US Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is developing a radar Spy in the sky system which sees around corners and down into "urban canyons". DARPA hopes to be able to track vehicles across an entire city using just a few unmanned aircraft.
  • The rise in popularity of social networking sites has created new opportunities for data gathering and influencing behaviour. This is being achieved by new technical data-mining tools and by hands-on infiltration such as FBI agents befriending targeted individuals on Facebook.
  • One new software application that is causing quite a stir is "Hone". It can analyze VOIP conversations, biometrically identify someone's voice or photograph and then associate it with different phone numbers. It uses artificial intelligence to analyze e-mails, link mails to different accounts, sift through millions of profiles searching for people with similar attributes - blogger profiles that share the same e-mail address, for example. It can look for statistically likely matches, by studying things like the gender, nationality, age, location, home and work addresses of people.
  • The UK government unveiled plans for a webpage on every citizen. It's like a UK Government Facebook for citizens to pay their taxes, apply for benefits, passports, ID cards etc. but it's also intended to become a communication point for people to contact medical staff as well as their children's teachers.
  • The centralised data collection vehicle of choice for both the US and the UK is the seemingly innocuous ID card. The goal is a Universal DNA Database containing every citizens biometric information and DNA details. Right wing Senators are pushing Obama to introduce a National Biometric ID card. Having already begun rolling out the ID card, the UK government is stealthily forcing it's uptake by targeting elderly bus travellers and young people to prove their age for cigarette and alcohol purchases. However, having become broke bailing out the banks, the government may be forced to beg the banks to help pay for all this and in return they will be provided favourable access to the public's financial, personal and medical data... all the better to squeeze us some more.
  • If the thought of your insurance rates suddenly rising each time you visit a doctor doesn't bother you, soon utility companies, by monitoring energy use, will know exactly what you are doing and when.
  • By filming you shop, retailers change their sales strategies for more efficient targeting of what you should buy.
  • Even that walk you take in public forests is now being monitored and fed back to the authorities.
What about travelling? Well, the Transportation Security Administration in the US is now looking at installing devices in airports that home in and detect personal electronic equipment. The aim is to track you, from the moment you walk into the airport to the moment you board the plane - in short, enabling the government to track people's whereabouts anywhere in the facility.

body scan naked
© SOTT.netAirport Security Ogling
Having pretended that full naked body scans would be optional, the TSA will now make them mandatory at US airports. An airport worker in the UK 'abused' the scanner by ogling at images of a female colleague. This naturally revived concerns about the 'perv-scanner' in the public mind. So was it a coincidence that just the next day Rupert Murdoch's tabloid newspaper The Sun pushed the terror propaganda to new fantastic heights by revealing that British spies have 'learned' of Al-Qaeda's new plan to use explosives in breast and buttock implants? The idea is obviously to frighten people into accepting the scanners and more. Evidently the release of this story was stalled until the opportune moment to counter bad press because it was originally published on February 1 by World Net Daily.

Some interesting speculation for you to consider: one wonders whether the scanners could have the purpose of building a database of 'naked' imagery for further identifying people? Or perhaps they are a step towards conditioning us to accept an RFID chip inside us which will be read as we pass scanners in our homes, in our streets... everywhere?

After spreading hype and fear of catastrophic cyber-attacks and cybergeddon, US CyberCommand is now prepped to launch:
Army Lt. Gen. Keith Alexander, currently the director of the National Security Agency at Fort Meade, Md., has been nominated to run U.S. CyberCom. If confirmed, Alexander would be charged with commanding both the NSA and CyberCom and be promoted to a full general.
That the man who heads the NSA - probably the largest and most secretive US spy agency, an organization known to spy on its own people - will also be running US CyberCom, should be a clue regarding what really is the point of unifying defense computer networks. In addition, reports from the Chinese media that Google is tied to U.S. Intelligence brings total information awareness and control into frightening reality. But you already knew that.

In this month's round-up of Police State Brutality, there is little difference between hystericized America and equally hystericized Britain, two countries where significant portions of the population - if not an outright majority - can no longer tell the difference between a non-event and a real threat:
  • In New Orleans you can get arrested for taking a photo of a cop or even for just looking at one
  • In its latest attempt to harass, intimidate and hound Arizona's several hundred thousand undocumented residents, Republican lawmakers are pushing a bill that would criminalize every such immigrant just for being in the state.
  • In the UK, Nottingham cops have declared war on kids forcing anyone between 13-24 getting off a bus into town through a metal-detector, with packs of police drug-dogs ready to pounce on anyone considered 'out of line'.
  • Ever been emailed a video clip or image that you opened just to see what it was, then found it to be repulsive or offensive? Well, in the UK a man could face prison over a six second 'extreme porn' clip sent to his mobile phone that he forgot to delete. [We do not condone pornography, but it's not difficult to see that handing down custodial sentences for viewing material that was received without solicitation opens the door to unjustified arrests and convictions.]
  • Again in the UK, a musician was thrown off a train for writing the band name "The Killers" on a list of songs. No reason was ever forthcoming, but presumably the dull-witted ticket warden suspected that this was evidence that the man himself was a killer.
  • Pre-Crime is now in effect: an allegedly "disgruntled" man had his guns seized, and "voluntarily" surrendered to two SWAT teams and dozens of police officers for a crime that hadn't been committed .
They really are quite ready for full-blown totalitarianism.

Modern Imperial Administration Techniques

The administration and expansion of the Empire of the US and its allies is doing just fine, thank you for asking. There are hopeful signs that people are stirring from their slumber in a couple of places (Honduras and Italy come to mind). But the pathocrats still have many cards to play. Much harm remains to be done with $322 billion being pumped into the Pentagon war machine for the next five years' imperial exploitation.

© The TimesAbdul Ghafar mourns at the grave of a family member killed in a NATO night raid on Feb. 12.
Iraq has now been fully assimilated after a successful conquest-and-plunder program that began years ago, way before 2003, with NeoCon plans to 'finish the job' that Emperor George H. W. Bush did not; preceded by a propaganda campaign based on blatant lies, much like the one we're witnessing target Iran today; continued with a military invasion and occupation; consolidated by breaking the will of the Iraqis through prefabricated sectarian violence and terrorism; and concluded with the election of CIA puppet Ayad Allawi - a psychopath that has committed many crimes against his own people. With an obstinate and well-armed foe confronting him, in the form of popular Shia cleric Moqtada Sadr, Allawi can look forward to continuing the reign of terror in Iraq for many years to come.

Other countries share a similar or even worse fate. General Stanley A. McChrystal, NATO commander in Afghanistan, has this to say about the daily duties of his troops in the Afghan killing fields:
We have shot an amazing number of people, but to my knowledge, none has ever proven to be a threat.
You may want to read that again out loud to let it sink in. The man was clearly speaking with the frankness of someone who knows he has sufficient power to be exempt from punishment for expressing pride in murdering as many people as he can get away with. This is one of the rare instances in which a psychopath will tell the truth.

Illustrating how the imperial campaign is managed in Afghanistan, the US military recently claimed it was assaulting a large town of 80,000 in a rural area in the southeast of the country, allegedly a strategic base for the insurgency. They said it would operate under new rules of engagement designed to protect civilians. When successful they would establish a model administration of good governance. The 'town' in question was actually a group of scattered farming villages with a central marketplace. As soon as they went in, the Marines fired a salvo of rockets into a home, instantly killing 12 innocent civilians, among them children. In the end some 30 civilians were killed, while very few actual Taliban fighters were killed or captured. When the Afghan soldiers entered the area after the Marines, they proceeded to pillage the marketplace, stealing anything of value. The new "mayor" brought in from outside to administer the "liberated" Marjah region was actually a notorious killer.

The war crimes, as usual, are seasoned with lies. During a night raid on February 12, two pregnant women, a teenage girl and two local officials were murdered. The women were "tied up, gagged and killed". NATO spokesman Canadian Brigadier-General Eric Tremblay, made reference to "criminals and terrorists who do not care about the life of civilians". Indeed. What he neglected to mention is that the terrorists are NATO and Afghan government gunmen. Many more cases that confirm McChrystal's psychopathic yet truthful admission can be found all over Afghanistan and Pakistan, involving missile and rocket strikes and drone attacks.

The nightmare grows to monstrous proportions with America's secret prisons, where killings, abductions, detentions, interrogations and torture are commonplace. Bagram prison is "a facility with a notorious reputation for abusive behavior," including brutalizing torture and cold-blooded murder. The US army rounds up suspects - mostly innocent civilians - and detains them for interrogations, torture, abuse and degrading treatment in secret black sites either in Afghanistan or abroad. According to a January 26 UN Human Rights Council (HRC) report, the CIA runs scores of offshore secret prisons in over 66 countries worldwide for dissidents and alleged terrorists. These do not include Guantanamo, Iraq and Afghanistan. To get an idea of what this hellish panorama of secret prisons really is, consider the horrific case of Aafia Siddiqui, a volunteer charity worker and MIT doctor in neurocognitive science who led a quiet life, was charged with terrorism without any evidence and abducted with her three children by the Pakistani ISI and handed over to US authorities, who proceeded to incarcerate her in Bagram for more than five years of torture, beatings and raping. Now multiply that hundreds or thousands of times for a global perspective of the suffering inflicted in the secret prisons of the Beacon of Democracy.

It should be evident by now that the imperial maneuvers portrayed as wars of liberation are indeed global in nature and not unfortunate-but-necessary isolated cases of humanitarian intervention. As such, they are coordinated centrally by military, intelligence and political authorities. Haiti, for example, which was recently invaded after a conveniently timed earthquake provided the "shock and awe" campaign for the US to intervene, is now being used as a military training ground for Afghanistan, under the guise of being a "humanitarian operation", of course.

CIA Drug Planes: Now you see them, now you don't

Sometimes, during our daily work of combing through the Web looking for articles, we spot curious items that are usually published on small local news sites and don't carry any obvious significance, except for the fact that they leave us with the feeling that the most interesting details were left out. This was the case with following article:
Authorities investigate "mysterious" plane vanished from radar

Dominican Today, Thursday 11 March, 2010

Santo Domingo - Intelligence agencies investigate how a "mysterious" aircraft took off from Higüero International Airport with fake registry and a flight plan initially to Port-au-Prince, but once in flight changed course toward South America, vanishing from radar screens.

The Cessna Centurion 210L is airplane, number 21059588 left Higüero Sunday night, using for its flight plan the registration of another craft, which is under repair in one of the airport's hangars.
A mysterious aircraft with a fake registration disappears from the radar screens after turning off communication equipment. Sounds like something from a James Bond novel, doesn't it? We thought so too, and propose our 'Secret Team' buddies to be the usual suspects. Higüero International Airport has further mysteries to offer. At the end of February, the body of an unidentified man fell from a cargo plane that was taking off from Santo Domingo on a flight to Miami. Local media reported that the man was about 30 years old and had apparently stowed himself away in the airplane's wheel well. The true reasons for his actions will likely remain unknown, but we wonder why this particular location has such an unfortunate record.

In late 2008 there was another case of a missing plane, this time over the Turks and Caicos Islands nearby. The plane disappeared under mysterious circumstances, flown by an unlicensed pilot with 12 people aboard. Aviation officials gave conflicting reports on the twin-engine plane's origin, destination and where it was last reported.
A flight plan indicated the plane took off from the Dominican Republic and was to land in the Bahamas, said Santiago Rosa, aerial navigation director for the Dominican Civil Aviation Institute.

But the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration said the plane disappeared shortly after taking off from Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos Islands just southeast of the Bahamas.
A year later, another news report described distraught relatives' attempts to get to the truth of the matter regarding the vanished plane, and added that according to a report from the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board, about 35 minutes after takeoff pilot Adriano Jimenez sent an emergency signal to Providenciales International Airport in the Turks and Caicos Islands. The plane then disappeared from the radar. U.S. federal officials believe it plunged into the ocean about 12 nautical miles south of West Caicos island, but no debris or bodies were ever found. Gone, just like that.

Although it's possible that we're just dealing with an unfortunate and painful, but everyday tragic human reality, there is also another, no less tragic and probably more accurate possibility: that all, or at least some, of these disappearing planes had something to do with drug trafficking. And one of their favorite models is indeed the Cessna 210 single-engine plane that can haul a lot of weight and has high wings ideal for landing on dirt roads or in desert washes. In Mexico, for example, authorities have seized more than 400 drug planes like this since 2006 - a fleet bigger than the Mexican air force itself.

But make no mistake, we are not dealing with the usual drug lords and their local cartels, but the much bigger fish that pull their strings. Drug trafficking and smuggling is the favored method of self-funding for rogue intelligence agencies like the CIA and the Mossad. Ironically, Mexican authorities thank the U.S. for this 'valuable' help, while in reality they, or at least certain U.S. parties, have their cocaine and snort it too.

Consider the following from The Secret Team, The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World by L. Fletcher Prouty:
The CIA also maintains countless paramilitary and pseudobusiness organizations that weave in and out of legitimacy and do business much as their civilian counterparts would. The small airline alluded to in the Gandia example actually exists and very capably operates in Latin America. It operates as a viable business and competes with other airlines of its type. The only difference is that the officials of the other airlines, who have a hard time meeting the payroll at times, wonder how their competition is able to stay in business year after year with no more volume than they have. At such a point, most of the competition will rationalize that the cover airline must be in some illegitimate business like smuggling and the drug trade, or else that it is connected with the CIA. They could be right on both counts.

Most of these cover businesses have to be closed out and reestablished from time to time to support their usefulness. (It may be interesting to note that in September 1963, none other than the Secretary of the Senate, Bobby Baker, got mixed up with one of these cover airlines, Fairways Incorporated, without knowing it, and that the exposure resulting from his accidental charter of this small airline played a part in bringing down his house of cards.
It won't be the last time for the house of cards to be in danger of collapsing, as from time to time we hear about more cocaine planes landing in the wrong (or right, in this case) hands and exposing tight connections to U.S. government or even Corporate America's Green Movement!

Gary Webb: "Suicided"
But spooks are good at burying truth, or at least getting rid of and burying those who ask too many questions. This was the fate of investigative reporter, Gary Webb. On the night of December 9, 2004, devastated and depressed by his ruined career, Webb typed out four suicide notes for his family, laid out a certificate for his cremation, put a note on the door suggesting a call to 911, removed his father's handgun from a box, and shot himself in the head . . . twice. Now that is some determination to commit suicide. Is it possible that he was "assisted", especially when certain parties had an interest in silencing him? Webb's "Dark Alliance" series, published in August 1996, revived the story of how the Reagan administration in the 1980s had tolerated and protected cocaine smuggling by its client army of Nicaraguan rebels known as the contras:
Though substantial evidence of these crimes had surfaced in the mid-1980s (initially in an article that Brian Barger and I wrote for the Associated Press in December 1985 and later at hearings conducted by Sen. John Kerry), the major news outlets had bent to pressure from the Reagan administration and refused to take the disclosures seriously.
But Webb's series thrust the scandal back into prominence by connecting the contra-cocaine trafficking to the crack epidemic that had ravaged Los Angeles and other American cities in the 1980s. For that reason, African-American communities were up in arms as were their elected representatives. Soon, the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times joined in vilifying Webb. The big newspapers made much of the CIA's internal reviews in 1987 and 1988 that supposedly cleared the spy agency of a role in Contra-cocaine smuggling.

The cover-up began to weaken when CIA Inspector-General Frederick Hitz conceded before the Senate Intelligence Committee on October 24, 1996 that the first CIA probe had lasted only 12 days, the second only three days. He promised a more thorough review. The CIA's defensive line against the contra-cocaine allegations began to break when it published Volume One of Inspector General Hitz's findings on January 29, 1998. Despite a largely exculpatory press release, the report not only verified many of Webb's allegations but showed that that he had actually understated the seriousness of the CIA's involvement in Contra-drug crimes:
According to evidence cited by Bromwich, the Reagan administration knew almost from the outset of the contra war that cocaine traffickers permeated the paramilitary operation. The administration also did next to nothing to expose or stop the crimes.

The Justice report also disclosed repeated examples of the CIA and U.S. embassies in Central America discouraging Drug Enforcement Administration investigations, including one into contra-cocaine shipments moving through the international airport in El Salvador.
And just to add another unfortunate coincidence to the mix, recall the case of Air France Flight 447 which disappeared over the mid-Atlantic?
Amid the media frenzy and speculation over the disappearance of Air France's ill-fated Flight 447, the loss of two of the world's most prominent figures in the war on the illegal arms trade and international drug trafficking has been virtually overlooked.

Pablo Dreyfus, a 39-year-old Argentine who was travelling with his wife Ana Carolina Rodrigues aboard the doomed flight from Rio de Janeiro to Paris, had worked tirelessly with the Brazilian authorities to stem the flow of arms and ammunition that for years has fuelled the bloody turf wars waged by drug gangs in Rio's sprawling favelas.
So many deaths, lies and deceit. But don't despair. In Winston Churchill's words, "The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is."

Purple Power

Not all is hopeless in this world. Here and there people are waking up, and we applaud each and every effort for the sake of justice and empathy of our fellow human beings in suffering. On March 22, Nir Barkat, the Mayor of Jerusalem directly responsible for the new settlements, visited London and was received by members of the public - including Jewish organizations - demonstrating against the oppression of Palestine.

In Honduras, the perpetrators of last year's American-backed coup remain at their posts and death squad murders continue. In February, Honduran Minister of Security Oscar Álvarez met with US Ambassador Hugo Llorens to sign a bilateral agreement that will resume the direct flow of US military aid to the armed forces and police of the country. The Obama administration is doing its best to sell the world the story that the election held last November under state-of-siege rule and the inauguration of Porfirio "Pepe" Lobo as president in January signals the arrival of "democracy".
Supporters of ousted President Manuel Zelaya
© Rodrigo Abd/APSupporters of ousted President Manuel Zelaya demonstrate in front of police officers
Not everyone is fooled though. In fact, the Hondurans themselves are resisting peacefully, fully aware that their democracy was stolen by armed robbery. They have our respect and we thank them for their inspiration as they demonstrate and march for their rights, and we hope they will continue to resist the Golpistas with courage.

Similarly, the Italians are finally reaching the limit of their patience with that psychopathic buffoon they have as Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, a shamelessly disgusting creature that makes a sport out of corruption. The latest of his scandals involved the awarding of public works contracts for the G8 summit in Italy which were 'spiced up' by sexual favors from a ring of 350 call girls supplied to officials by bidding businessmen. Berlusconi's right-hand man and planner for the G8 summit, Guido Bertolaso, was placed under investigation after tapped phone conversations suggested he had received such "favors", euphemistically referred to as "massages".

© European Press Agency
Donning a victim role once again in an effort to stave off attention from this latest scandal, Berlusconi claimed he received a bullet in the mail as an anonymous mafia-style threat. But did he really? Or was this his latest attempt to manipulate Italy? We suspect the latter, considering that we are talking about a man who four years ago compared himself with Jesus Christ for, in his opinion, "I'm a patient victim. I put up with everything. I sacrifice myself for everyone."

Now it looks like people are no longer willing to put up with him. We read with great pleasure that tens of thousands of Italians who call themselves the Purple People are taking to the streets in a spontaneous anti-Berlusconi movement that was born on Facebook and Twitter and has no leader. It has 257,000 'fans' to date and does not identify with any political parties. For their awakening conscience, Sott.net salutes them.

Foot Soldiers of the Pathocracy

Would you trust Berlusconi or similar characters with running your government? It appears that there are still many Italians who do. In recent local elections Berlusconi's conservative People of Freedom (PdL) movement won six regions, a gain of four from the left. The ultra-right wing party The Northern League, which is part of Berlusconi's coalition, has also achieved key victories. This openly anti-immigration and anti-Muslim party has seen its support double in the past five years. It is a worrisome trend, as far-right parties in Hungary, Holland and France have also increased their popularity recently.

It's hard enough to accept that fact that most of our leaders do not have our best interests at heart. But how do we explain that some members of the masses help out the elite by taking radical right-wing positions? In his analysis of the psychological profiles that compose a pathological regime, i.e. a pathocracy, Andrew M. Lobaczewski defines schizoids thusly:
Carriers of this anomaly are hypersensitive and distrustful, while, at the same time, pay little attention to the feelings of others. They tend to assume extreme positions, and are eager to retaliate for minor offenses. Sometimes they are eccentric and odd. Their poor sense of psychological situation and reality leads them to superimpose erroneous, pejorative interpretations upon other people's intentions. They easily become involved in activities which are ostensibly moral, but which actually inflict damage upon themselves and others. Their impoverished psychological worldview makes them typically pessimistic regarding human nature. We frequently find expressions of their characteristic attitudes in their statements and writings: "Human nature is so bad that order in human society can only be maintained by a strong power created by highly qualified individuals in the name of some higher idea." Let us call this typical expression the "schizoid declaration". [Political Ponerology, p. 87]
Lobaczewski also describes the profile of skirtoids:
Skirtoids are vital, egotistical, and thick-skinned individuals who make good soldiers because of their endurance and psychological resistance. In peacetime, however, they are incapable of understanding life's subtle matters or rearing children prudently. They are happy in primitive surroundings; a comfortable environment easily causes hysterization within them. They are rigidly conservative in all areas and supportive of governments that rule with a heavy hand. [p. 96]
© Gili Yaari/EPAAn ultra-Orthodox boy looks at a poster showing President Obama receiving a medal from an unidentified Arab leader. The Hebrew on the poster reads: 'Warning! PLO agent in the White House!'
It appears that we are witnessing the activation of groups of people with these characteristics - as if to counter the examples of the awakening of normal people discussed above. Schizoids and skirtoids working as the foot soldiers of the elite are expendable and useful to create convenient conflicts within society so that renewed repression can follow.

In fascist Israel, a group of far-right activists hung hundreds of posters across the country depicting U.S. President Barack Obama under the headline "agent of the PLO."

In Germany, official figures show acts of politically motivated violence has reached the highest level since 2001. Although they point out that left-wing acts of violence have increased more than right-wing extremism, "leftists continued to remain far behind supporters of far-right groups in criminal acts and vandalism. Some 19,468 cases out of 20,000 were attributed to right-wing extremists."

Meanwhile, the right-wing anti-Muslim English Defence League staged a rally in Bolton, UK. Anti-fascist demonstrators confronted them resulting in clashes between them and with the police. A few days later 2,000 members of the EDL clashed with police in Dudley while demonstrating against plans for the construction of a mosque. (Imagine the global outcry had their target been a synagogue instead.)

It is quite telling of their psychological worldview that the EDL schizoids and skirtoids call themselves "English" but are very keen on supporting the US and Israel, judging by their display of flags, while rejecting English Muslims.

Nefarious 2,000 year old Cult

Arrogance, corruption and secrecy have always clung to the Catholic Church like a bad smell, but the spike in sinister stories relating to the Vatican and systemic abuse of its followers went off the chart this month. Last year we noted the Irish government's damning findings of state and church collusion in covering up generations of child abuse and outright psychopathic manipulation and predation of the flock of vulnerable people this church swore to protect. Church authorities in Ireland decided the best policy was to buy people's silence, but this only delayed the church's day of reckoning.

© Vincent West/ReutersDid somebody say k-k-kult? Believe it or not, this is standard dress code for some "Christians" during "Holy Week" to commemorate the torture and crucifixion of a man whose teachings they clearly aren't paying attention to
The fallout continued this month amid a wave of church sex abuse scandals in Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands. The Vatican issued a rare admission that it was aware that priests from at least 23 countries have been sexually abusing nuns, mainly in African countries. But the attention has shifted to the question of how much the current Pope knew and to what extent he was personally involved in burying these crimes. Reports of widespread abuse in Germany drew the current "representative of Jesus on Earth", Pope Benedict, into the spotlight as it emerged that as a cardinal in Germany, he had approved sending a multiple-offender pedophile priest in Upper Bavaria to another location and recommended "therapy" for the monster rather than turn him over to the police. It's a repeating pattern in these sordid tales and reflects an archaic and paramoralistic belief within the Catholic Church that clergy who commit heinous sex-related crimes are suffering from a "moral crisis" that is an internal matter for the church.

As the trickle of reports became a flood, the Vatican began lying with abandon: "The number of sex abuse cases within the church is small." Lies, lies and dirty lies. The revelations in Germany opened up generations of abuse in Austria (the Vienna Boys' Choir, no less) and were followed in quick succession by the resignation of a third Irish bishop in as many months and the outing of Wisconsin priest Father Lawrence Murphy in the US, accused of molesting over 200 deaf boys in his care. We weren't surprised at this point to learn that then Cardinal Ratzinger had Murphy's case quashed in 1998 under pressure from US bishops anxious to protect their status and no doubt dirty secrets of their own. The smutty trail led all the way to the Vatican Bank with the exposure of a male prostitution ring involving a sect called the "Gentlemen of his Holiness" - an elite group of black-suited men who serve the pope in unpaid roles as "ushers" (and Lord knows what else) - negotiating with Vatican choir members for the services of male prostitutes. Next a school for deaf boys in Italy hit the headlines, bringing to light putrid accounts of priests raping children there for decades. A single diocese in northern Germany then reported 20 current and former priests were under investigation for sickening child abuse. On and on it went.

The Pope's downfall is Irish protest singer Sinéad O'Connor's vindication. In a astute article published in the US media nearly two decades on from being publicly shunned for tearing up a picture of the previous pontiff and encouraging Saturday Night Live viewers to "fight the real evil", O'Connor took the measure of Ratzinger's empty apology to Irish Catholics:
Benedict's apology gives the impression that he heard about abuse only recently, and it presents him as a fellow victim: "I can only share in the dismay and the sense of betrayal that so many of you have experienced on learning of these sinful and criminal acts and the way Church authorities in Ireland dealt with them." But Benedict's infamous 2001 letter to bishops around the world ordered them to keep sexual abuse allegations secret under threat of excommunication -- updating a noxious church policy, expressed in a 1962 document, that both priests accused of sex crimes and their victims "observe the strictest secret" and be "restrained by a perpetual silence."
© Remo Casilli/ReutersWhere there's smoke...
With this kind of papal bull coming from the top, is it any wonder the Catholic church is shot through with pathological deviants? The Vatican's defense becomes more desperate as each horror comes to light. Ultimately, Ratzinger has no defense: as the man in charge of the very body whose role it was to keep a lid on the church's rising tide of sin, he now finds himself enthroned atop a pyramid with nowhere to go but straight down to the hell of his own making. His response to calls for his resignation? "I won't be intimidated by petty gossip," despite a hotline that was set up to show the church was doing something constructive about generations of repressed trauma being forced to shut down on its first day, unable to cope with the thousands of calls. We could manage a chuckle when one famous Italian priest put all this down to "the work of the devil," but when the Vatican showed its true face and psychopathology by using the most scurrilous slander available to defend its indefensible crimes against innocence, we recognised that the facade had been dropped. Apparently the Catholic Church hierarchy have been watching with admiration the Israeli government's use of the "anti-Semitism" slur to deflect attention and silence its crimes against the defenseless Palestinian people. So to hear the term used as a psychological weapon of last resort to ward off "attacks" against His Unholiness Benny the Sixteenth is the death knell for this disgusting den of filth and degradation.

Stripped of its mask, the Catholic church shares the same qualities of all mainstream religious and secular government in power today, that of a ponerogenic union to which pathological minds are attracted by power like moths to a flame. The deeper reality is that hierarchical structures exercise control by way of abusing its most vulnerable members whose need for protection and spiritual guidance is subverted towards contempt of those of different creed, race and class. The sickening truth is that women and children always bear the brunt of the twisted predations of men without souls. May the light continue to shine on the sins of our Fathers this dark Easter. Amen.

Fire and Ice

The swarm of strong earthquakes at the end of February and beginning of March was made all the more memorable by the relative lack of strong seismic activity since then. Although March clocked up several quakes around the 5.0 mark, the highest reading since our previous Connecting the Dots installment was 6.6 off both the Andaman Islands and the coast of Japan. Nature's elemental fury was nevertheless on display in Iceland, where the Eyjafjallajokull Volcano, despite being dormant since 1821, erupted this month through one of the country's largest glaciers. Though a small eruption, observers expect it to happen again - and be much stronger next time. The danger for Icelanders is that historically when Eyjafjallajokull blows, Katla follows suit, and its located under a giant ice cap that could flood the coastal plains. It's interesting that mainstream reports are picking up on the correlation between volcanic activity in the past and plunges in global temperatures; the cosmic cause in the chain reaction remains absent however. Here's a glimpse of the fire and ice to come:

17 of Indonesia's 18 volcanoes are now on high alert as tremors are felt in and around all of them. The Shiveluch Volcano in Kamchatka, eastern Russia is smoking a plume now 7km high and stirring its neighbors from their slumber. Chilean seismic activity continued throughout March, with notable tremors under Mount Melimoyu hinting at another volcanic eruption. Supporting our case that underwater volcanism is also on the rise was the news that Europe's largest underwater volcano, the Marsili off southern Italy, is on the verge of disintegrating "at any time."

We're beginning to really notice the increased precipitation as reports of torrential rainfall, flooding, blizzards and super-hailstorms continued to pour in this month. Australia is practically drought-free after successive deluges of rainfall, which has even brought widespread flooding to parts of the east. Perth in the usually dry west witnessed its biggest storm in 50 years, bringing down a month's worth of water in a few hours and pelting the city with golf-ball sized hail stones.

Pakistan's twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad experienced something similarly unusual as a superstorm brought dust clouds, a thunderstorm, a deluge, then hail in a single afternoon. Fijians are familiar with cyclones, but the beleaguered Haitians had no shelter from the second downpour in as many months to drench its makeshift tent cities. The northeast of the US was waterlogged by torrential rains that compounded the problem of melting snow from the whitest winter in decades. "Unprecedented rainfalls" from storms forced Massachusetts and Rhode Island to declare emergencies, where up to two months' rainfall fell in a matter of days.
A cyclone extends Eastern Siberia's freezing winter into its coldest in modern Russian history
Government forecasters have warned that many areas of the country are facing "historic flooding" this spring, with the upper Midwest states most at risk. It's not unusual for the Rockies to have heavy snowfalls into April, but there were also unseasonable blizzards across the southern plains late in the month.

Europe's harshest winter in decades reared its freezing head for one last foray as March drew to a close, paying no heed to man's switch to "summer time" as gale-force winds and freezing temperatures brought fresh snow to the UK and Ireland. Russia's top meteorologist figured that Siberia has yet to emerge from what may become its coldest winter on record, as a freezing cyclone dumped more snow in the far east late into the month. At least 33 people were killed in Kazakhstan when "unusually heavy precipitation and melting snows" swept away two dams and caused massive flooding. There was a similar story in Dagestan to the north, where landslides forced evacuations, but to the east in Xinjiang, western China, it snowed so hard that around 10,000 houses collapsed under the weight of the snow.

Climategate meet Cowgate

There was little change in the steady deterioration of critical faculties with respect to climate change this month. A disputed claim over an island at the mouth of a river separating India from Bangladesh was settled when it disappeared under the waves of the Indian Ocean. The Associated Press pounced on this as "clear evidence" of the rise in sea levels (though no such thing is happening) until it was pointed out by the Watts Up With That team that the "rocky island" was actually a sandbank, which come and go with the ebb and flow of the tides. When we left Phil Jones last month he was claiming that he had misplaced the raw data to support his AGW beliefs, lamenting that his record-keeping is "not as good as it should be." This apparently satisfied the British House of Commons' Science and Technology Committee which after just one day's investigation determined that "they'd seen no evidence to support charges that the University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit or its director, Phil Jones, had tampered with data or perverted the peer review process to exaggerate the threat of global warming." Phil Willis, the committee's chairman, said "Clearly we would have liked to spend more time on this," but then added - apparently as a 'joke' - "We had to get something out before we were sent packing." No conspiracy to see here folks, just move along please! Oh look, a terrorist!

While the lies about the Himalayan glaciers melting before our eyes was conceded by the IPCC to be "an error" (Glaciergate) and the resulting investigations revealed a network of financial ties linking "academics" like Rajendra Pachurai to commercial energy schemes that benefit from greenhouse gas regulation, the IPCC stood firm over it's claims about 40% of the Amazon rainforest being under threat - even though they are demonstrably false. Now why is that? Well, there's no money to be made from melting glaciers, but trees in the jungles of the Amazon are potentially worth billions. The scam goes something like this: each ton of carbon dioxide "saved" in the protected areas (by the snake-oil salesmen who nominate themselves as trustees) becomes a carbon credit to be sold back to the industrialists in the developed world who can then speculate with what is effectively a new fiat currency grown on Amazonian trees, drive up its imaginary value on the new carbon credits market, then cash in on the windfall when yet another fraudulent financial bubble bursts. All the while continuing their capitalist engorgement of the planet and emitting CO2 to their heart's content. Only a psychopath could conceive of saving the planet by ramping up efforts to destroy it.

© Bok
Al Gore's vacuous op-ed in the New York Times, in which he asserted that "Almost all of the ice-covered regions of the Earth are melting," was floored by Dr. Robert Felix of IceAgeNow.com who countered that in fact, "more than 90 percent of the world's glaciers are growing, [as are both of] the huge Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets." Not only that, but Watts Up With That illustrated that the Arctic Sea ice extent is set to expand beyond its 'normal' boundary any day now. Remember the nonsense about outgassing cows' significant contribution to "man-made" global warming? Yep, you guessed it: a load of bovine excrement.
It is becoming difficult to keep pace with the speed at which the global warming scam is now unravelling. The latest reversal of scientific "consensus" is on livestock and the meat trade as a major cause of global warming - one-fifth of all greenhouse gas emissions, according to eco-vegetarian cranks. Now a scientific report delivered to the American Chemical Society says it is nonsense. The Washington Times has called it "Cowgate". [...]

Mitloehner also makes the deadly serious point: "Producing less meat and milk will only mean more hunger in poor countries." Precisely. The demonising of cows and pigs is just another example of global warmists' callous indifference to starvation in the developing world, as in the case of the unbelievably immoral and reckless drive for biofuels - pouring Third World resources for subsistence into Western liberals' fuel tanks - and, notoriously, carbon trading.
Western liberals' fuel tanks? The above article is from the UK's Telegraph, a right-wing broadsheet whose coverage of the collapse of AGW has been admirable, but who also leave us with the nagging suspicion that it's green light to do so stems from deeper moves afoot to capture people's anger from this conspiracy and redeploy it as a divisive political wedge. We noted Sarah Palin's cheerleading support for skepticism being broadcast through NeoCon rags earlier this month. If a materialist Jesus-kingdom-on-Earth form of Judeo-Christianity is the religion of the 'right', perhaps the "Green Gaia" scientific materialism is the religion of the 'left'?

Some scientists are making themselves heard above the din and are highlighting what the data is really pointing towards - global cooling and our imminent return to an ice age. In February Croat physicist Vladimir Paar warned that Europe could be just five years away from the start of a new ice age: "The reality is that mankind needs to start preparing for the ice age. We are at the end of the global warming period. The ice age is to follow." IPCC scientist Mojib Latif talks of a "mini-ice age", connecting the crazy weather with changes in ocean currents. A New Scientist article in 2005 reported the findings of a study published in Nature which revealed a striking "30% reduction in the warm currents that carry water north [to Europe] from the Gulf Stream." Examining the beginning of past ice ages and noting the rapid drop in temperatures, the study conjectured that
The last shutdown, which prompted a temperature drop of 5°C to 10°C in western Europe, was probably at the end of the last ice age, 12,000 years ago. There may also have been a slowing of Atlantic circulation during the Little Ice Age, which lasted sporadically from 1300 to about 1850 and created temperatures low enough to freeze the River Thames in London.
We suspect that changes in ocean currents, specifically changes to the process known as thermohaline circulation - the 'Global Radiator' that warms the northern latitudes, correlate with cooling temperatures but do not necessarily cause them. To find the causal mechanism, we need to look up.

Cosmic Climate Change

Last month we put forward the following cosmic model for understanding the changes being observed in our weather, climate and planet:
What we suspect has really been happening, based on our research thus far, is that the upper atmosphere is cooling because it is being loaded with comet dust, which shows up in the form of noctilucent clouds and other upper atmospheric phenomena. The comet dust is electrically charged, producing drag upon the planet's rotation and causing it to slow marginally (a process undoubtedly aided by man-made factors, not least the Pentagon's history of exploding atomic bombs in the upper atmosphere - releasing copious amounts of heavy metals - "chemtrail" activity along similar lines and the use of HAARP to create a neutral cavity between the conducting layers of the surface of the Earth and the ionosphere, into which vast amounts of electromagnetic waves are beamed from antennas attuned to human brain waves, at about ten cycles per second, producing changes in behavioral patterns). The slowing of the rotation is reducing the magnetic field, opening Earth to more dangerous cosmic radiation and stimulating more volcanism. The volcanism under the oceans is warming the waters which in turn is heating the lower atmosphere and loading it with moisture. The moisture hits the cooler upper atmosphere and contributes to a deadly mix of heavy rains and flooding, then hail and heavy snowfall that packs into ice as surface temperatures plummet.
© Xinhuanet
As with the sudden on set of ice ages in the past, they are preceded for a short period by a rapid increase in greenhouse gases and localised "hot pockets" in the lower atmosphere.
March provided yet more signs of this build-up of cosmic material in the atmosphere. Within a few days of each other there were reports of yellow and purple coloured snowfalls in eastern and southern Russia. A yellow dust that blanketed Beijing, Seoul and Taiwan was attributed to a sandstorm blowing in from China and Mongolia's drought-hit regions. And yet those same regions have reported "an unusually humid winter and numerous blizzards", so we naturally wonder if the sandstorm's intensity and widespread distribution were the result of interaction with the layer of finer particles higher up in the atmosphere.

Seen anything like this around the sun or moon lately? Some of the locals thought it was "a sign", though not quite in the sense we perceived it!

Some mainstream verification of what Sott.net has been saying for years is finally coming through the information blackout, with the UK's Daily Mail reporting that the last ice age was caused by cometary bombardment. A similar rarity occurred in February as mainstream media "revealed" how a swarm of comet debris caused the 'Dark Ages' circa 500 AD. Bill Napier, as well as Victor Clube, deserve major recognition for their dedication in putting many of the puzzle pieces together. The Cycle of Cosmic Catastrophes by Firestone, West and Warwick-Smith is the seminal book on the Younger Dryas Impact Event at the end of the last Ice Age.

But besides older comets that break up and leave debris trails through which Earth periodically passes, Laura Knight-Jadczyk's tireless research has led us to consider the cyclical mechanism by which comets from the Oort Cloud surrounding the outer solar system are knocked into the inner solar system in the first place. A recent article, 'Getting WISE about Nemesis,' corroborates her research:
Our solar system is surrounded by a vast collection of icy bodies called the Oort Cloud. If our Sun were part of a binary system in which two gravitationally-bound stars orbit a common center of mass, this interaction could disturb the Oort Cloud on a periodic basis, sending comets whizzing towards us.
NASA has developed a new telescope, the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) to investigate this. The telescope has been scanning the skies to locate brown dwarfs, including the Sun's hypothesized Dark Star companion - referred to as 'Nemesis' (first proposed in 1983 by Richard A. Muller, physicist at the University of California, Berkeley). In just six weeks the telescope has already found 16 previously unknown asteroids that swing close by Earth. WISE is expected to find up to 1000 Near Earth Objects, but astronomers estimate that the number of unknown objects with masses large enough to cause significant damage upon impact runs into the tens of thousands.

For every instance of space traffic we do spot, how many go unnoticed? Only by chance did amateur astronomer Nick Howes capture images of a comet exploding this month, an event completely missed by anyone else. Here's a run-down of fireball sightings in a month that Physorg.com says is "typically a lull period for meteor shower activity," nearly all of them coming from the US:
  • On March 3rd a "blue-green fireball lasting 4-5 seconds" lit up the evening sky over Norway.
  • Hundreds of witnesses in Hudson, Wisconsin reported "bright flashes and an explosion" as a "burning object with a multi-colored tail" fell from the sky on March 4. Initially silent, the fireball blazed overhead at an altitude of just a few hundred feet, before crashing into fields and producing tremendous sonic booms:
    "When it hit the atmosphere it just lit everything up," Waterhouse said. "As it was crossing over you could see it was starting to break up. There were five or six tails all grouped together, flashing different colors, red out front and kind of bluish and white through the tails."
  • A loud sonic boom frightened residents in Lousiana on the night of March 8. It was later confirmed to be from an exploding meteor after an amateur astronomer photographed "a large, electric blue ring-shaped noctilucent cloud in the night sky."
  • On March 10 an eyewitness in Argentina found fragments from a "reddish ball falling from the sky, leaving behind a very bright trail."
  • A meteor turned night into day north of Los Angeles, also March 10.
  • Oort Cloud
    © NASA/JPL/Donald K. YeomanIllustration of the “Oort Cloud,” a vast region of comets thought to extend a light year beyond our Sun.
  • On March 15 a "steep angle bright fireball exploded due west of Yuba City, California."
  • The following day a bright fireball was photographed over southwestern Nebraska. The meteor "was not associated with any known meteor shower."
  • Another sonic boom rattled windows, this time over Mississippi on March 17. No seismic activity was reported.
  • A meteor was filmed streaking across western Alabama on March 19. "This was an unusually low-flying meteor," said Bill Cooke of NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office. "It was first recorded at an altitude of 72.9 km (45.3 miles) and burned up at an altitude of 32.5 km (20.2 miles)."
  • A huge green fireball was spotted coming down at a steep angle over New Jersey on March 23.
  • A fireball "moving very low and very fast across the sky" stunned Channel Islanders in the UK on March 23.
  • A meteor was again the suspected cause of another loud sonic boom, this time over Portland, Oregon on March 28.
The steady increase in the number of fireball sightings, together with research which reveals that our environment is constantly affected by interaction with comet debris and cosmic radiation, tells us that our Big Blue Marble is once again on the threshold of encountering a cosmic storm. In fact, we're long overdue the Big One. But don't expect our dear leaders to inform us of this anytime soon. As Laura has written elsewhere:
If we can't stop an asteroid or comet from hitting us, do you think they'll panic the public by announcing an impending collision beforehand? Nevertheless, panicking the public is de riguer for the Powers That Be, but only for those things they can manage. Global warming that would slowly play out over decades is the ideal problem for those seeking power: the ever more dire warnings feed into the controllers' hands as they use it to justify ever higher military spending, dismantling of civil liberties, more control for corporations, and "preemptive" invasions in the quest for dwindling resources. What the public doesn't realize is that this may very well be all in preparation for when that first comet swarm panics us little earthlings who have no underground bases, no stockpiles of supplies, no protocol for surviving such an event, to emerge on the other side still in control.
'Earthquakes' in Israel omitted by USGS

As we discovered to our horror in January, not all earthquakes are created equally. A couple of relatively small earthquakes were recorded recently in Israel by the local Seismological Institute but not by the US Geological Survey. Looking at the latest data from around the world at USGS, no activity at all is showing around in Middle East region. The nearest registered tremors are from Turkey, India and Pakistan. We checked with the Seismic Monitor website, REV, another one that shows seismic data, but all turned up nothing for the area.

At the dates both earthquakes occurred, there are no records for either Israel, Lebanon or Syria, yet the quakes were registered and recorded by Israeli seismologists This means one of a couple of things: either USGS and others' data is incomplete, or for some reason they are not being added to the USGS database and something else is going on. It's possible that USGS plays games with their data. We get email updates on all USGS earthquakes around the world (in real time). We've often received earthquake notices, visited the corresponding USGS page only to find they aren't there, then returned to see that the original link has been replaced with a 'deleted' notice. What's up with that?

An interesting detail about one of the 'earthquakes' was that it occurred in the area of Lake Kinneret. Until 1967, Lake Kinneret was on the border between Israel and Syria. Now it's a bit further from the border, since Israel occupies the Golan Heights east of it. It's difficult to really know if these were genuine earthquakes, just like with other "unexplained" events happening in Israel, like the stream of reports about overhead sonic booms. One of Sott.net's readers shared the following with us:
Back in 2006 me and my friends saw a big, long and orange meteor trail above the sea in Tel Aviv. We didn't hear anything about that on the news. Several months later Ynet posted a witness picture of a similar trail that was again taken in Tel Aviv.

And then earlier in 2005 there were several mysterious sonic booms above Israel that were explained away as "air temperature inversion" or some other rare meteorological phenomena, or just not explained at all. Here are the relevant links:

Mysterious 'booms' rattle homes
IDF explains cause of mysterious blasts

Throughout 2006-2008 there were other cases of unexplained sonic booms, but they didn't receive any serious attention or explanation. Ordinary Israelis, on the other hand, were sure that it's all part of the military preparation for invading Iran, and that the IDF is conducting nuclear underground/underwater experiments, since all the sonic booms were heard from the direction of the sea or along the coast line.

And who knows, maybe they were. Hard to tell what exactly happened.
This leads us to wonder if Israel's 'earthquakes' are deliberately being kept "below the radar" to facilitate its military preparations for obliterating Iran?

Extraterrestrials, Cryptoterrestrials and Hyperdimensional Denizens

March saw the release of author and blogger Mac Tonnies' much anticipated book The Cryptoterrestrials, "A meditation on indigenous humanoids and the aliens among us." Tragically, Tonnies died in his sleep on October 18, 2009, at the young age of 34, prompting many to question if his death was entirely natural. He was just weeks away from turning in his manuscript to his publisher, and with the help of family members and friends, his final draft has now been published by Anomalist Books.

The book is not so much an elucidation of his theory, as a devastating critique of the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis (ETH) and the rigid thinking of "mainstream" ufology. Tonnies' book is rich with questions and insightful speculations about what could be behind the UFO phenomenon. He follows in the footsteps of Jacques Vallee and John Keel in pointing out the many reasons why a new approach to the study of UFOs and "aliens" is desperately needed. While Sott.net does not necessarily agree with all of his conclusions, and he is at times overly optimistic (a fact to which he admits in his last chapter), Tonnies' book offers much food for thought on the subject of UFOs, "aliens", and the paranormal. He points out the links between the "little people" of folklore and Grays of today, asking if they are one and the same, "distorted representations of an actual species":
Maybe the ubiquitous Gray is simply a costume that works, in which case one can't help but yearn for a glimpse of next year's fashion . . . For too long, we've called them aliens, assuming that we represent our planet's best and brightest. Maybe that's exactly what they want us to think. (p 26)
He contrasts this idea with Vallee's idea of an "omniscient pacemaker sowing memes in an effort to ensure our evolution conform[s] to some unknown alien ideal" through "artificially emplaced psychosocial conditioning". He also notes the inherent contradiction between the UFO's "explicitly physical" nature and their paranormal qualities, citing the research of Keel. UFOs are observed performing "mysterious disappearances, "impossible" maneuvers, and [showing] a predilection for trickery." In other words, they behave more like holographic projections, and the absurdity of their appearance and the behaviors of their "occupants" is what prompted Keel to propose that they are "cosmic tricksters."

But are these contradictory ideas - physical humanoids vs. omniscient meme-ometer, physical vs. paranormal - mutually exclusive? Here at Sott.net we think that the existence of a fourth spatial dimension could reconcile these apparent contradictions. Such a dimension of variable physicality could account for the "postbiological Singularity" which Tonnies proposes. In other words, it isn't postbiological (i.e. a marriage of physical technology with biology) so much as a totally different kind of biology, along the lines of Tonnies' speculation about the Many Worlds Interpretation of quantum theory, "in which our universe bifurcates each time a subatomic event's wave function "collapses":
Could the human brain, suitably "tuned", produce comparable results? Given reports of humanoid beings "materializing" and "disappearing," it's tempting to speculate that our visitors have mastered a technology of consciousness, able to manipulate their own wave functions and skip back and forth between multiple universes at the speed of thought. This is one (admittedly colorful) explanation for the lack of physical evidence; "they" might lurk in "hyperspace" as well as familiar, 3-D space-time. Moreover, this form of travel might be accomplished without the need for energy-intensive machinery; if shamanic experiences are any indication, the ability to transcend space and time might be a more fitting subject for parapsychologists than theoretical physicists. (p. 32)
While Tonnies admits that his hypothesis is more "flesh-and-blood", he notes that the theories are not mutually exclusive, and that "we would be timid to avoid addressing the UFO phenomenon's parapsychological aspects." (p. 33) Criticizing Vallee's multiverse and Keel's "superspectrum", he rightly points out that both theories require "nothing less than a redefinition of the physical universe." (p. 37) He's got that right, and we at Sott.net agree wholeheartedly. While Tonnies' hypothesis is interesting, and accounts for a lot of data, we still think that the hyperdimensional hypothesis covers more ground, and even takes into account a certain variation of the "CT" hypothesis.

© Peter Rye
Richard Dolan has called such a scenario a "breakaway civilization" - a group of humans or humanoids, most likely living in the vast underground bases researched by Dr. Richard Sauder, who may very well be influencing the men behind the scenes of world power. Such a civilization may have been here for a very long time, and we may even share some common ancestry, as Tonnies hypothesizes. But we think that such an idea is better seen as simply one facet of a reality which is much more all-encompassing, and does require a radical redefinition of the physical universe, and our place in it.

Tonnies offers some eminently plausible and frightening speculation along the lines of Keel. For example:
Given the vast number of reported out-of-body and near-death experiences, I find it difficult to reject the prospect of "nonlocal" consciousness; perhaps a sufficiently advanced technology can manipulate the "soul" as easily as we splice genes or mix chemicals in test tubes. If so, encounters with "extraterrestrials" may help provide a working knowledge of how to modify and transfer consciousness. (p. 53)
As Tonnies observes, the flashing lights and tantalizing playfulness of the "others" seems staged. It's as if they want us to see them. So what have our CT/HD cohabitants put on display this month? The first week of March alone saw sightings all over the States (including a mass sighting in Seattle, numerous sightings in Tennessee and repeated sightings in Ohio), and the world, including Norway, Argentina, Wales and Ontario, Canada. The objects of that week came in a variety of shapes and colors, perhaps right off the lot of a hyperdimensional craft-dealer. We found them oval-shaped, like stacked blocks, spherical, pyramid-shaped with orange-red lights, diamond shaped of both the white-green and orange varieties, saucer-shaped with orange lights, as well as plain old orange balls of light; multiple blue lights, black and circular craft, triangular, a circular ring, a white disc, an upside down jellyfish-shaped craft, and more blinking orange lights. The rest of the month saw additional sightings in Israel, Russia, and Australia, as well as some new shapes: cone-shaped, diamond with green spikes, silver metallic balls, boomerang-shaped, rectangular, and cigar-shaped. And of course, even even more sightings of triangles and mysterious orange lights.

A variety of reports of "beams of light" also surfaced in a relatively short period of time: in late January in Oswestry and Boothville in the UK, and four separate incidents in California on January 31, February 27, and February 28. (Another sighting of a UFO emitting beams of light occurred in Nova Scotia on March 25.) The February 27 sighting was accompanied by a "black reptile humanoid figure", who was joined in March by a giant humanoid in Argentina, Bigfoot in Pennsylvania, glowing green birds in California, disappearing sting-ray-like birds in Texas, and cattle mutilators in Colombia. And amid sixteen different UFO sightings on the eve of the earthquake in Chile, multiple witnesses observed the following:
A vertical cylindrical object appeared on the coast, resembling a fluorescent bulb. At the same time, a top-shaped structure appeared out of the sea, surrounded by lights. Suddenly, they saw a long-armed, humanoid entity standing nearly three meters tall, issuing light and walking toward the highway.
What are we to make of all the various shapes of craft and cryptids? And how to explain that the sightings seem to match the expectations of the observers and morph throughout time (e.g. the great airships of the late 1800s)? From The Cryptoterrestrials:
If the ET intent is to test our reactions to its presence (or something more profound, as the phenomenon's impact on our mythology might indicate), quickly assembling "ships" and even "aliens" from raw materials would enable the disparity of forms seen in the sky. The flexibility of nanotech construction would allow the UFO intelligence to respond to our preconceptions in "real time," thereby ensuring a permanent foothold in the collective unconscious while maintaining plausible deniability... (p. 25)

While one can argue endlessly in favor of a literal extraterrestrial interpretation, a holistic approach leads us to consider that the UFO intelligence not only wants to perpetuate itself via dramatic encounters with ostensible "occupants," but intends to discredit its own machinations: it stages exciting UFO events that infect both the research community and the popular imagination, knowing that the phenomenon's inherent absurdity will eventually inspire cognitive dissonance and undermine attempts to arrive at an indictment. We're thus conditioned to accept the ETH one moment only to succumb to the "giggle factor" the next... (p. 44)
The strange and absurd continues unabated. Early this month, the following was filmed in Japan. If the ETs/CTs/HDs really wanted to be secretive, how can we explain sightings such as the following?

Charles Fort is probably laughing from the grave as our planet continues to experience anomalous "fafroskies" (objects that FAll FROm the SKIES), which continue to prove that the great synthesizer of the unexplained wasn't quite as kooky as his detractors paint him. It rained live fish twice in Australia in late February. We can add this to the list: raining spiders in Argentina in April 2007 (incidentally, the same region was recently haunted by a glowing little man with an original hairdo), raining frogs in Spain in May 2007, raining frogs in Serbia in July 2005. In August 2008, red rain in La Sierra, Chocó, was tested to be blood by a bacteriologist in the region. However, the religious milieu being what it is (most interpreted the rain as a "miracle" from God, or the bloody tears of the Virgin Mary), we can't rule out that a high iron content from some other source (perhaps cometary in origin?) led to the bloody conclusion.

Resistance as Spirituality
Religion is not something separate and apart from ordinary life. It is life -- life of every kind viewed from the standpoint of meaning and purpose: life lived in the fuller awareness of its human quality and spiritual significance.
- A. Powell Davies

In light of the emergence of the Hutaree - allegedly a Christian militia no different than your average alleged Islamic terrorist group - and the pedophilia scandal of the Catholic Church, it's worth asking if religion and spirituality should divest themselves of political or social concerns lest they be corrupted into violent fanaticism - as the propaganda is obviously implying - or if we should forget about religion altogether. Should we follow the subtext of the latest news uncritically and shut ourselves in ivory towers where we can safely stare at our navels while chanting 'omm'? Or better yet, spend our lives watching TV in the plastic bubbles of 'bourgeoisie life' and disabuse ourselves of any notion that life has meaning and purpose?

We don't think so. Ultimately, spirituality is nothing more than a commitment to truth and objectivity. As such, it's impossible to be truly spiritual without making a conscious effort to know reality, in the process becoming aware of our personal limitations and the limitlessness of creative potential from networking with others.

This is why there is something quite selfish about 'spiritual' practices that ignore social reality, which is the reality of the suffering of other people like us. Any real and effective resistance to injustice in the world comes from a realistic assessment of the possibilities for change given the unequal material circumstances. So we can forget about violent revolution and "taking back" the state (that only ever existed to oppress us anyway).

Much of the battle against the pathocracy takes place in the realm of ideas and how they are communicated across the world. This is a thought war. Would there be any armed conflicts if every soldier in the world was fully aware of what they are being asked to do? What would society look like if every citizen understood how they are being lied to, poisoned and manipulated on a daily basis?

We leave you this month with fragments of Chris Hedges' article, 'Zero Point of Systemic Collapse', which makes similar points in a powerful way:
[...] The increasingly overt uses of force by the elites to maintain control should not end acts of resistance. Acts of resistance are moral acts. They begin because people of conscience understand the moral imperative to challenge systems of abuse and despotism. They should be carried out not because they are effective but because they are right. Those who begin these acts are always few in number and dismissed by those who hide their cowardice behind their cynicism. But resistance, however marginal, continues to affirm life in a world awash in death. It is the supreme act of faith, the highest form of spirituality and alone makes hope possible. Those who carried out great acts of resistance often sacrificed their security and comfort, often spent time in jail and in some cases were killed. They understood that to live in the fullest sense of the word, to exist as free and independent human beings, even under the darkest night of state repression, meant to defy injustice.

When the dissident Lutheran pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer was taken from his cell in a Nazi prison to the gallows, his last words were: "This is for me the end, but also the beginning." Bonhoeffer knew that most of the citizens in his nation were complicit through their silence in a vast enterprise of death. But however hopeless it appeared in the moment, he affirmed what we all must affirm. He did not avoid death. He did not, as a distinct individual, survive. But he understood that his resistance and even his death were acts of love. He fought and died for the sanctity of life. He gave, even to those who did not join him, another narrative, and his defiance ultimately condemned his executioners.

We must continue to resist, but do so now with the discomforting realization that significant change will probably never occur in our lifetime. This makes resistance harder. It shifts resistance from the tangible and the immediate to the amorphous and the indeterminate. But to give up acts of resistance is spiritual and intellectual death. It is to surrender to the dehumanizing ideology of totalitarian capitalism. Acts of resistance keep alive another narrative, sustain our integrity and empower others, who we may never meet, to stand up and carry the flame we pass to them. No act of resistance is useless, whether it is refusing to pay taxes, fighting for a Tobin tax, working to shift the neoclassical economics paradigm, revoking a corporate charter, holding global internet votes or using Twitter to catalyze a chain reaction of refusal against the neoliberal order. But we will have to resist and then find the faith that resistance is worthwhile, for we will not immediately alter the awful configuration of power. And in this long, long war a community to sustain us, emotionally and materially, will be the key to a life of defiance.

The philosopher Theodor Adorno wrote that the exclusive preoccupation with personal concerns and indifference to the suffering of others beyond the self-identified group is what ultimately made fascism and the Holocaust possible: "The inability to identify with others was unquestionably the most important psychological condition for the fact that something like Auschwitz could have occurred in the midst of more or less civilized and innocent people."

The indifference to the plight of others and the supreme elevation of the self is what the corporate state seeks to instill in us. It uses fear, as well as hedonism, to thwart human compassion. We will have to continue to battle the mechanisms of the dominant culture, if for no other reason than to preserve through small, even tiny acts, our common humanity. We will have to resist the temptation to fold in on ourselves and to ignore the cruelty outside our door. Hope endures in these often imperceptible acts of defiance. This defiance, this capacity to say no, is what the psychopathic forces in control of our power systems seek to eradicate. As long as we are willing to defy these forces we have a chance, if not for ourselves, then at least for those who follow. As long as we defy these forces we remain alive. And for now this is the only victory possible.