warm weather in London
© PAJess Vant, 22, and Sky Anderson, 21, enjoy the warm weather in Hyde Park, London
TS Eliot said it was "the cruellest month" but this April is proving rather kind, with forecasters saying it could be the warmest for a decade.

The Met Office has logged temperatures of several degrees above the average so far this week, and its experts predict the good weather is set to stay.

Last Wednesday saw temperatures reach 22 degrees (72F) in East Malling, Kent - the hottest day of the year so far, and in London yesterday it was 21C (70F) with the north and Midlands enjoying 20C (68F).

Temperatures are expected to approach the low-20s in the south east by the end of this week and the next few days should be generally warm and dry, with occasional showers in the west.

Met Office spokesman Barry Gromett said: "We have been enjoying some great weather over the last week and it's here to stay.

"Usually the average temperature for April is around 14 degrees (57F) and we are have already seen weather much warmer than that over the last few days.

"Temperatures will certainly be above average for the rest of the week, stretching into the weekend.

"Those living in the west of the UK can expect some cloud and showers. While in the south east it looks like it could be another scorcher on Sunday in time for the London Marathon."

The average temperature for this month is around 16C (61F).

The hottest April so far this decade was 2007 when the maximum temperature reached 26 degrees (79F).

However, the hottest April temperature on record is that of 1949 when Camden, in north London, saw 29 degrees (84F).