Australia's Bureau of Meteorology is warning residents of southeastern Queensland, including the state capital Brisbane, of severe weather, including heavy rainfall and possible flash flooding.

Flood warnings have been issued for the Noosa River and Sunshine Coast streams, the Mary River and Six Mile Creek, the bureau said on its Web site. Heavy rains have been recorded in the area for several days.

Queensland police have found the body of an elderly woman whose car was swept off a crossing in the Sunshine Coast's Six Mile Creek on April 2, the Australian reported on its Web site yesterday. The highest official reading in the area over a 24- hour period was 464 millimeters (18.3 inches) of rain at Black Pinch Road, it said.

On April 1, as many as 1,700 people were cut off in communities along the Bellinger River north of Sydney after torrential rains triggered floods in the Australian tourist region, the New South Wales State Emergency Service said.