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Storms with paralyzing snow will continue to roll in off the Pacific Ocean, through the Northwest and Rockies and onto the Plains through the weekend. The new storms will continue to impact travel and shipping as a result.

One storm has already cleared the Northwest and is pushing through Colorado and the central Plains tonight. The storm can bring up to half a foot of travel snarling snow along Interstate 70 in portions of western and northern Kansas and much of Colorado.

Gusty cross winds in the southern and central Plains and Rockies associated with the storm can create tricky handling and a challenge to inexperienced drivers of small cars and 18-wheelers.

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The next storm in the train is already getting up to speed into the Northwest. Up to a foot of snow in the Cascades through tonight, including I-90 through Snoqualmie Pass in Washington. A yardstick will be needed to measure the snow as it continues to fall into Thursday.

The snow will spread across the Rockies Thursday into Friday. The storm will likely intensify into a dangerous blizzard on Saturday. Denver could be in the heart of the storm.

The blizzard may even bring travel to a standstill along a long stretch of I-80 in Wyoming, Nebraska and perhaps Iowa as the weekend progresses. Air travel in the region could be severely disrupted.

Since this second storm will be the stronger of the two, more substantial impacts from gusty winds are likely. The winds south and west of the storm could flip high-profile vehicles and cause property damage Friday into Sunday.
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