Temperature Records All Time Highs
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United Nations politicians, while admitting their lack of evidence, gave birth and nurtured the fraud of Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW). Their Malthusian purpose is to frighten people into accepting the UN as the "centerpiece of democratic global governance" and let the UN, ration our fossil fuel. World temperature records show no evidence of AGW.

Solar activity in the 20th century was extremely high.
Solar Irradiance
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Atmospheric CO2 levels rose as the sea surface warmed. Henry's Solubility Law, coupled with mass balances of carbon and its isotopes, prove the total increase in atmospheric CO2 from pre-industrial times is less than 4%. Burning all our remaining fossil fuels, cannot double the CO2, but only increase it by 20%. Beck (2007 cataloged 90,000 chemical measurements of CO2 in the 1800s, some as high as 470 ppm. (Greater than the current Mauna Loa value of 385 ppm). These data exposed as false, the UN IPCC's 280 ppm ice core values, supposedly measured during the 1800s. IPCC's ice core measurements of CO2 were incorrect due to their inability to correct for problems with gas solubility and the extreme pressures in glaciers. Not man, but nature rules the climate.
Ice Core vs measured CO2 20th century
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The recent American Physical Society (APS) debate on anthropogenic global warming was welcomed by many like myself, who believe it be a hoax and the political agenda for the Democratic Party and their environmental extremist supporters. I've never seen any convincing evidence for it. The paper by Hafemeister and Schwartz was a side show, in that it just repeated some of the basic IPCC dogma. The considerable evidence presented by Viscount Christopher Monckton of Brenchley in his APS article "Climate Sensitivity Reconsidered" was convincing. The rebuttal by Dr. Smith was not.

An important part of the APS global warming debate that should be covered is; 1) The credibility of the UN politicians who started this hoax, and 2) The truth about the minimal increase in the amount of anthropogenic atmospheric CO2 .

Hopefully this full paper/rant (here) will address these issues and assist in convincing readers that AGW is a hoax, religion, or junk science, and is worthless in its predictions of global warming.