Okay, maybe not killing, but at least a good maiming.

If this doesn't warm the hearts of all you evil, planet-hating, Global Warming deniers, nothing will. Not only is the hoax being exposed, it is taking down with it the MSM enablers who have spouted this garbage as fact for years.
CNN, the Cable News Network, announced yesterday that it will cut its entire science, technology, and environment news staff, including Miles O'Brien, its chief technology and environment correspondent, as well as six executive producers. Mediabistro's TVNewser broke the story. . . .

Yet the big question, of course, is whether or not the reorganization will decrease the overall amount of CNN's science, technology, and environment coverage. CNN says no, but it's hard to imagine that it won't - Anderson Cooper or not, fewer people is fewer people.
The market has exacted its price, and these folks, in denial (if we may borrow a phrase), still don't understand what hit them.
What's more, the decision to eliminate the positions seems particularly misguided at a time when world events would seem to warrant expanding science and environmental staff.

"It's disheartening," said Christy George, who is president of the Society of Environmental Journalists and has worked closely there with Peter Dykstra, CNN's outgoing executive producer for science and technology. "For the last year or two, television has, in general, been making a commitment to beefing up its environmental coverage." In particular, clean energy has moved to center stage in our global political and economic discourse, and President-elect Barack Obama recently reaffirmed his commitment to tackling climate change. "There is going to be a lot to cover in science, technology, and environment," George pointed out, "and it's not going to be enough to just cover the politics of it to keep people informed."
I guess there won't be a lot to cover if you don't want to report how Global Warming was the biggest scam ever perpetrated on the industrial world. Just fire the reporters and ignore the facts.

More head-scratching.
Yet it is exactly "what is on the horizon" at CNN that also makes the decision to eliminate its science staff seem so illogical. . . . But how CNN is going to compete on massive stories like energy and climate with no stand-alone science staff is anybody's guess.
The competition to prove the world was flat also thinned out once they figured out the world was round. So it should not be too surprising that the Global Warming reporting is not in such high demand in the era of Global Cooling. Facts are stubborn things.

The carnage has also extended to NBC and several other news organizations.
CNN is not the only television network that has been slashing science jobs. According to The Washington Post, "NBC Universal made the first of potentially several rounds of staffing cuts at The Weather Channel [last week], axing the entire staff of the "Forecast Earth" environmental program during the middle of NBC's 'Green Week,' as well as several on-camera meteorologists." Gannett recently eliminated 206 positions at its six New Jersey newspapers, though it's unclear which beats have been most affected. And Aviation Week and Space Technology magazine recently nixed its bureau in Cape Canaveral, Florida, where NASA launches its rockets and shuttles. Cowing, at NASAWatch, says that he is simply shocked "that at a time when science and technology should be on everybody's lips, this expertise is suddenly not in demand."
No doubt that buggy whip experts were shocked when their "expertise" was no longer needed either.

Welcome to the real world folks.