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However hard a truth is to bear, it has to be brought to light; for otherwise it will smolder in the dark and the lies that hid it will become ever more pernicious; the truth about war and the war's of the last 100 years, a hard truth that needs to see the light of day. Today's world is dominated by the most pernicious lies that history has ever known, those relating to warfare, for in truth war is the slaughter of the innocent for the benefit of the evil.

Samina Malik is a 23 year old WH Smith shop assistant who worked at Heathrow airport. She also happens to be Muslim. Yesterday she was found guilty under the Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005.

It seems that like many people in mundane jobs who are poorly paid and have to suffer daily indignities, she was bored out of her brains at work and angry with being treated like a terrorist everyday (for that is how many Muslims in Britain ARE made to feel each day). She dreamt of revenge; downloaded instructions on how to use certain weapons; posted immature and crass statements on internet chat rooms and wrote poor poetry about it all.

To Deputy Assistant Commissioner Peter Clarke, head of the Metropolitan Police Counter Terrorism Command : "She had the ideology, ability and determination to access and download material, which could have been useful to terrorists. Merely possessing this material is a serious criminal offence."

Let's take a look at what the head of the Metropolitan Police Counter Terrorism Command said, word by word:-

"She has the ideology, ability and determination to ACCESS and DOWNLOAD material..." Now let's be honest, it doesn't take a whole bunch of ideology to find a few tips on weapons and explosives and their uses on the internet. It also doesn't take much ability beyond what most 8 year olds have nowadays, and as for determination, well there's really not much of that needed either. I'd demonstrate how easy it is but then I'm in the UK at the moment and don't want to be labeled a terrorist.

Clarke continued: "the material could have been useful to terrorists." He did NOT say that the material had been useful to terrorists or that Malik had attempted to put any of her downloaded information to practical use, he simply said that it "could have been useful". He is not required by UK laws introduced since 911 (Terrorism Act 2000, Anti-Terrorism Crime and Security Act 2001; the Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005; and the Terrorism Act 2006.) to prove anything more.

Think about it
- No terrorist attacks have taken place in the UK or the USA using the weapons this girl looked up the instructions for on the internet. They have instead involved the ability to fly aircraft (911), take the London Underground (London 'bombings') or the (in)ability to drive a 4x4 over a kerb into a building and light a petrol bomb (Glasgow).

If knowing how to use a weapon, or having downloaded information on how to use a weapon means that you can be prosecuted because such knowledge "could be useful to a terrorist", then surely having the manuals or, heaven forbid the knowledge to drive a 4x4, light a petrol fuse or fly an aircraft should also get you convicted as all these skills have in fact been used in so-called Terrorist Attacks. Anybody who owns a London Underground map is best advised to destroy it immediately for fear that it is information that "could be useful to a terrorist".

It's truly incredible how such a widely worded law was ever allowed to pass through the English legislative system. The law employs unlimited definitions of "terrorism", and the prosecution needs only to show how some piece of information in your possession might be useful to a terrorist in order to have you arrested, charged and imprisoned. Never mind that you never actually DID anything or even tried to DO anything with that information.

I am now busy burning all my flying manuals, the owners manual to my 4x4, all my maps and every copy of Sun Tsu's Art of War. I am also doing my best to forget anything about the world except what is on UK daytime TV as surely even the UK government can't argue that that is useful to anybody.

In plain language, dreaming of doing something about the appalling situation in which most people find themselves is now a crime. Similarly, having the knowledge to use any means to resist the government if one is ideologically opposed to that government (see the definition of Terrorism in the Terrorism Act 2000) is also a crime.

Yesterday the UK took one more definitive step towards making 'Thought Crime' a reality. Valid prosecution evidence in your trial can now include your race (you are Muslim) and your means of earning a living (you work in a retail outlet in an airport). Now, it is the ability to do something and not the act of doing or planning to do something is a crime.

All this was getting me rather annoyed as I sat in almost stationary traffic on Friday afternoon. My thoughts moved on to Remembrance Day, Poppy Day or Armistice Day when the British Commonwealth countries and others including the US remember the fallen of both World Wars and other wars.

I recalled the works of Douglas Reed and in particular Controversy of Zion in which he details with exacting precision the involvement of characters that most people have never even heard of but who were able to cause and prolong both World Wars - Zionists, financiers and industrialists. I recalled the other numerous works of scholarly research that show how the history we are all traditionally taught is an out and out lie and that in fact all wars are fought for the narrow political ends of extremists and for the profits and power of financiers (bankers) and industrialists.

An extraordinary addition to the extensive literature on the topic is Naomi Klein's The Shock Doctrine in which she shows how war, as a deliberate Shock Weapon, is used nowadays for the benefit of corporations. Corporations profit both by supplying the material needed to go to war and later by the theft of all the resources "captured" in war. Corporations win regardless of the human cost, just as the bankers do and just as the extreme Zionists do.

However hard a truth is to bear, it has to be brought to light; otherwise it will smolder in the dark and the initial lie will grow and become ever more pernicious. Today's world is dominated by the most egregious lies that history has ever known - those relating to warfare - for in truth, war is the slaughter of the innocent for the benefit of the evil.

Yet even if we accept for a moment the propagandized history, how can we stand up as a nation on Remembrance Day and declare that "our war heroes died so that we could be free" and at the same time imprison Muslim shop assistants for downloading information from the internet and dreaming of childish revenge in their hours of boredom.

It was in the light of these thoughts that I pondered our slaughtered 'heroes' and the civilians of our current and previous carnages. If they died for justice and freedom, why are we not manning the barricades in defense of those ideals for which they died? A country that has a system of law and justice as revealed in the UK yesterday has surely lost all claims to being a just and free nation.

But if our war heroes and the countless civilian victims did not die for those noble causes, but instead died for the benefit of financiers, industrialists and extremists as actual history indicates, then why are we not on the barricades protesting this current round of Zionist-led profiteering and slaughter in the Middle East?


Either way, as people stand in silence this weekend, I wonder how many will care enough to really think and how many will man the barricades on Monday morning or will donate to sott.net to further the cause for a world where whole generations are not slaughtered on some foreign field for profit.