Mysterious bright yellow lights were seen plummeting towards a couple's house at "an abnormal speed", writes Simon Wesson.

The Bernasconis, who live in Homestead Road, Hatfield, were "scared to death" when they saw two gleaming lights which they believed were "about to crash just behind their house".

Rachel, 33, told the WHT that she had "never been so scared in her life".

"I'm 39 weeks pregnant and I thought I was going to go into labour, I was that scared.

She added: "My husband, Mark, saw two lights hovering above the houses opposite.

"At first he presumed it was an aircraft, because it looked like two wing tip lights; but after a while it was still there, so he opened the window to check it wasn't a reflection and it was at this point that he shouted for me to come over.

"I jumped out of bed and watched it hover from the open window, then suddenly the lights started to get closer and closer, within seconds we ran down the stairs and out of the door; at this point we were running for our lives!

"We got outside and it just disappeared, no noise or sight of the object, it was a complete mystery."

Rachel said that she had never believed in UFOs but this had really made her "wonder what is out there".

"The lights were too far apart to be a helicopter and they were too low and going too fast to be an airplane," she said.

"If it was a plane, we would have heard some kind of engine noise, but there was absolutely nothing.

"I just cannot explain it. I'm a bit of sceptic about these things, but those lights were irregularly bright!"

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