The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources is investigating disease deaths of white-tailed deer in western Kentucky.

The worst outbreak of what is suspected to be hemorrhagic disease is in McLean County, but is also reported in 10 other counties. Wildlife Biologist Danny Watson says the disease is carried through the bite of gnats. He says more than 20 dead deer have been reported in McLean County and he says weak and emaciated deer are being found in or near water.

Watson says hemorrhagic disease is caused by a virus and large outbreaks occur in Kentucky about every two years. Other affected counties are Breckinridge, Christian, Daviess, Hopkins, Logan, Muhlenberg, Ohio, Simpson and Webster.

Archery season for deer opens statewide September first and Fish and Wildlife reports there's no reason to curtail the season. They say Hemorrhagic disease is not infectious to humans.