Jaipur, India - A family in Jaipur told the scientists of Geological Survey of India (GSI) here that a meteorite fell in the courtyard of their home on Monday evening, Sahara Samay sources said.

A female member of the family told that a piece of sparkling stone fell in her home on Monday evening. I continued to look at it in awe for sometime before I went near it, she added.

However, the scientists of Geological Survey of India have said that the piece of sparkling stone does not appear to a meteorite. Even a meteorite of small size can cause a big damage, said Dinkar Srivastava, a scientist.

He said that the speed of meteorite is several thousand kilometres per second and even a small meteorite is usually bigger in size than the one found in a home here.

He further added that the GSI could be able to say anything only after testing the piece of stone or meteorite.

It is worth noting here a similar sparkling stone was found in a village in Sangrur district of Punjab a couple of days ago.