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A memory card that can be used to rig an election using voting computers.

What would you say if you went in to vote and found there was a man hidden behind a curtain in the voting booth. The man asks you who you want to vote for. You tell him, and he says that he has marked your ballot and put it into the ballot box. You never see the man nor see what he has marked on your ballot. You don't know if he is supporting your candidate, is against your candidate, or is neutral. You don't know if he has honestly recorded your vote or not.

Would you accept to vote under such conditions?

This is effectively what you are doing every time you vote using a computer.

This story comes from one of the participants in the documentary "Hacking Democracy", and if you still think that there are free elections in the United States, or in any country that uses machines to count or register your ballot, then you need to see this film.

©Hacking Democracy
Bev Harris - Founder of BlackBoxVoting.org
The film follows Bev Harris, the founder of BlackBoxVoting.org, as she tries to understand the ins and outs of the use of voting machines, machines that run using proprietary software that not even the chiefs of elections in US counties, the people responsible to ensure the voting is free and untampered, are able to see and verify. Horrified at what this meant for a free vote, Bev began investigating, on the Internet, and in the trash bins outside of Elections offices across the US.

What she found confirmed her worst fears.

Your vote may not count if you aren't voting for the same candidate as the CEO of Diebold, an active campaigner for Bush in Ohio who promised to "deliver the votes" in the 2004 presidential election where Ohio was the pivot state. And he was in a position to do it as the head of the company whose machines would "count" the votes.

Among the irregularities connected to the use of these voting machines, we find:

- Voting machines in Volusia County, Florida gave Al Gore -16,022 votes. That's right. 16,022 voters were apparently able to vote against Al Gore! [BlackBoxvoting.org]

- Boone County, Indiana: 19,000 registered voters, 144,000 votes counted . (Nov. 2003) CBS News

- Tarrant County, Texas: 58,000 votes cast, 158,103 votes counted (Mar. 9, 2006; The Fort-Worth Star-Telegram "Vote spike blamed on program snafu")

- Allamakee County, Iowa: 300 votes fed into the machine, 4 million votes came out (Nov. 2000; According to the Wall Street Journal, Nov. 17, 2000 "Fuzzy Numbers")BlackBoxVoting.org

And for all of the irregularities that have come to light, how many more have passed undetected?

In less than one month, French electors go to the polls in the first round of voting to choose their new president. The machines being introduced into the French voting system from the company Nedap also work on closed, proprietary software. In 2004, after an independent study demonstrated the lack of reliability of the Nedap voting machines, the Irish Republic abandoned their project to begin their use.

The Nedap machines are now being deployed in France.

The pathocrats in power, be they in the US or in France, will stop at nothing to remain in power. To ensure the vote, they will use every means at their disposal, including the latest technology. If you can control how the votes are counted, if you can make up the totals, and if there is no method to verify each ballot cast, then you no longer live in a democratic republic. The USA has already gone down that path. France is on the slippery slope to its own destruction.

If you care about Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité, then you must stop the spread of computer and machine voting. Hacking Democracy will give you a good overview of what you are up against. The Bush's USA is the future for all of us if we do not make a stand.

"Hacking Democracy" is now out on DVD in English. A French dubbed version can be found here:


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