Here are some of the most interesting sighting reports that have come my way this past week.

Arizona-01-09-07-Witness was driving east when he saw lights low in the sky. Witness believes that the lights were over Gold Canyon, AZ. The lights were in a straight line, with the far left light coming on and going off. As we know there has been a wave of new sightings over Arizona lately, and this may well be the same phenomena that was captured on video recently.

Arizona-02-09-07-Exactly one month after previous report, a family was walking when again to the east an object was seen. They thought at first it was a fireball, but then it split into two objects, and stopped in mid-air, and split again. Finally, the objects merged into one, and continued until they disappeared.

Hawaii-01-26-07-One of our readers was visiting Oahu, and says that a man and his son were surfing when they spotted a reddish-colored object some distance away. The sighting was so remarkable that they were frightened. A local television station came out and filmed the object.

Indiana-02-08-07-Two witnesses were driving along on a clear night when they saw the planet Venus at about 6:30 PM. Then they had a separate sighting of two orange-colored objects, one larger than the other. The objects would disappear and then reappear in another spot in the sky. Soon, more objects were seen, all the time appearing and fading out.

02-07-07-North Carolina, which has also had a large number of sightings lately, would be the location of a sighting by one of our readers who had been watching jets doing test flights. During the last flight of the night, the witness saw a shiny, circular ball about 100 feet above the jet. It followed the plane for a time before it disappeared straight up into the sky.

02-07-07-Ohio-A man and his wife went outside to smoke after dinner. Standing on their deck, they were discussing all the space "junk" that falls from the sky. Looking up at how beautiful the sky and stars were, the woman saw a strange object appear from the East. Her husband also saw the object, which turned into what appeared to be V-shaped, like a flock of birds. But the objects seemed to be transparent, and the formation was far too high to be birds.

That's about it for this go round, but check back next week for more sighting reports, and until then, keep your eyes on the skies.