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Flashback SOTT Focus: Yahweh's A Member Of The GOP

Yahweh's 'fiery chariot'
Think about it, he has to be. Anger, Jealousy, covetousness, vengeance, extreme bias towards his 'chosen people' in the Israel-Palestine conflict and against literally everyone else in creation; all these are hallmarks of the politics of a die hard Republican. Well, we should probably say were hallmarks of a die-hard Republican. Nowadays they are also the hallmarks of die-hard Democrats, the two-party system having long since given way to the unifying power of "Christo-Judaism" and the influence of their representatives on earth - the Washington Neocons and their Zionist friends.


SOTT Focus: Agent Penn Guinn's Adventures in Divided Nicosia

PG in Nicosia 1
© SOTT.netThe ever stylish Mr PG arrives in Cyprus
My name is Guinn. Penn Guinn. Upon leaving my familiar environment of ice-cold Antarctica, I was determined to travel around the Earth in search of clues of the miraculous: that, as yet unidentifiable but eternally present spirit of the creative universe that resides above and below, within and without, permeates and penetrates all, but alas! is invisible to the untrained eye. But such a task is not difficult for one of Aptenodytes Forsteri genus such as I, who in the aforementioned inhospitable surroundings learned to distinguish, from an early age, the thousand different shades of white.

And so my seeking has led me to awareness enhancing journeys through the coastal Tel Aviv, the Italian Apennines, the French Riviera and Hendaye, the English Countryside. It was while spending some time with elderly British folks in my last travels that I heard about the island of Cyprus: a small troubled place shrouded in mystery, intimately connected with the birth of the Greek Goddess of Love and the birth of the Christian Orthodox church. Following some preliminary research, it dawned on me that both Aphrodite and graceful Mary would need to be dressed à la mode in order to fit in in modern day Cyprus. Not that I care too much for appearances you see. But wishing to blend in with the crowds, I spent the winter at my chilly home awaiting the unappealing molting of my pelage to take its course before setting off for the sunny island. Come springtime, all dapper in my new velvety plumage, I was ready for my next adventure!


SOTT Focus: Harrison Koehli interview on Truth Jihad Radio (Full Transcript)

Harrison Koehli is interviewed by Kevin Barrett from Truth Jihad Radio. The discussion is on Political Ponerology, the nature of evil, and psychopaths.

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SOTT Focus: Celestial Esoteric Stuff and The Socio-Political Nitty Gritty

A recent article on about Alex Jones' possible negative influence on a man who shot three policemen in the US last week has generated some interesting commentary from readers and brought into sharp focus a question that goes right to the heart of the problems facing humanity today.

The article in question by Max Blumenthal of Alternet states that the 22-year-old gunman Richard Poplawski "was a neo-Nazi wannabe who railed against blacks, Jews, Zionists and gun control" and also seemed to find common ideological ground with Alex Jones. Poplawski appears to have been particularly incensed by Jones' reports that Obama was planning to institute a socialist dictatorship wherein all guns would be outlawed. While grouping Jones with White Supremacist Neo-Nazis may be doing the thing too brown, it is true that Jones has repeatedly stated that "the first step in establishing a dictatorship is to disarm the citizens."


SOTT Focus: Never in the field of human history has so much been taken from so many by so few

© Credit Union
The last week in March started with the coordinated call from Russia and China for a new non-national reserve currency, an idea that was greeted as one would expect with some derision until US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said he supported such an idea. We can only speculate that he forgot his role in this Act 2 of the international stage tragedy "Global Financial Crisis" and used his lines from Act 4 which has of course yet to come. In this Act the role of the US is to resist such calls.

The week ended with the G20 summit and more importantly with the G20 final communique which promises a dark future; for wrapped in the cloth of "free trade", a trillion dollars for the IMF and "trade finance" and the regulation of banker's pay is the formation of a global overseer, the Financial Stability Board and the announcement that "the era of banking secrecy (which means privacy) is over."

There is a great deal in the G20 final communique and what with the general goings on this coming week with the NATO summit following the G20 and US President Obama's visit to Ankara that we will be providing an analysis of the G20 summit and its context during the course of next week.

This week we take a closer look at who really benefited from the AIG bailout and the true size of the US governments financial commitments to the "Global Financial Crisis". With apologies to Winston Churchill and the fighter pilots of the Battle of Britain:-
Never in the field of human history has so much been taken from so many by so few


SOTT Focus: Connecting the Dots: Come join the New World Order! Pull some strings for Israel! But ignore those lights in the sky!

Mars Chastising Cupid
© Art Institute of Chicago'Mars Chastising Cupid', by Bartolomeo Manfredi
A year has passed since we began Connecting the Dots. We have made an effort to keep this little Lighthouse alight amidst the darkness as events unfold relentlessly, charting their line of force in the daily battle against subjectivity.

The Romans named this month Martius after the god of war, Mars. Before the adoption of the Gregorian Calendar, March was considered the first month of the new year. War, greed, plague and destruction marked the end of the Roman imperial adventure. Today's empire looks set to meet a fate essentially the same. Symbolic perhaps of its tenacity in the face of imperial pressure to conform, Iran still celebrates Nowruz, or 'New Day' on the 21st of the month, the Spring Equinox.

Comment: A reader has put forward the following suggestion regarding the nighttime photo of possible UFOs above :
Those are most probably not UFOs but reflections of the floodlights below caused by the photographic lens of the camera. And here is the reason why:

Notice the similarity of the "UFOs" above to a so-called caustic (caused by spherical mirrors or lenses, for example in a tea cup), from Wikipedia:

Photographic lenses can be complex, with many possibilities of distortions and reflections, which can produce lens flares, optical lens artefacts, etc. See:

The same kind of "object" can be seen right in the beginning of this YouTube video, also linked to from the current "Connecting the Dots".

That is not to say that the UFO phenomenon is nonexistent! It seems just that the above picture slid into the dataset, which demonstrates how difficult it is to discern the (deliberate or unintentional) NOISE from the REAL SIGNAL.
It sounds like a plausible explanation. But then, who knows? In cataloging the bizarre sightings and events reported daily, there will inevitably be some that can be explained in accordance with known phenomena. On the other hand, learning to discern for ourselves also requires that we keep an open mind to all possibilities. We invite readers to explore the hundreds of sightings of objects that defy commonly accepted boundaries of what is possible and what is not.


SOTT Focus: Inflating Their Way Out of Trouble After All

Toxic assets
© Adam Zyglis/The Buffalo News
A busy two weeks in the global economy as the taps were opened by governments busy creating new money. Sadly they decided to use it to buy government bonds and worthless "toxic assets" rather than employ and train citizens and build much needed national infrastructure.

Inevitably, with new money flowing into the system inflation will grow further eroding the value of savings and wages, while mobile money will seek a home in commodities thereby adding a double boost to the cost of living for us all. Governments seem to be clinging to the hope that excess supply will dampen the inflationary pressure; a forlorn hope. China and Russia called for a new global reserve currency clearly losing patience with the US pretense at global economic leadership.

The US Congress became "a rat's nest of grandstanding" on the issue of AIG bonuses while remaining silent on the secrecy of the Federal Reserve as to who's been receiving the trillions in bailout money and on Goldman Sachs receipt of over $12 billion in AIG bailout money.


SOTT Focus: Entropy, Chaos and Power (Part 1)

AIG Bonuses
© Brian Fairrington/
The Swiss, a nation long famous for their devotion to banking secrecy, have decided to do away with all that and open the books of UBS to the US government; AIG bonuses are in the spotlight while in fact there is much more to AIG than meets the eye, hence the focus on bonuses; Babcock & Brown went into receivership; GE had its credit rating downgraded; and the G20 Finance Ministers met in Horsham (UK).

What looks suspiciously like a renewal of the British war against the Irish, in a bid to develop a renewed domestic terrorism threat, began with three murders; the circulation of a highly doctrinaire policy document to Missouri State Highway Officers, which flies in the face of the US Constitution, was thankfully brought to public attention, while the French held a bio-terror exercise with the premise that "anti-capitalist = terrorist".

Meanwhile with the focus on bonuses, and the AIG Financial Products ones in particular, are we seeing the beginnings of a manipulated class war? There's nothing like a good distraction to keep people from looking for the real bad guys.


SOTT Focus: "The Money Has Gotten Scarce ... but the Truth Is Getting Fierce"

© Jules Joseph LefebvreTruth standing naked and bold holding the mirror.
The 1975 lyrics of Murray Head from Say it ain't so Joe seem appropriate for this stage in the Obama presidency:-
they told us that our hero has played his trump card
he doesn't know how to go on
we're clinging to his charms and determined smile
but the good old days have gone
the image and the empire may be falling apart
the money has gotten scarce
one man's word held the country together
but the truth is getting fierce
The question in our minds is just how fierce does the truth have to get before people wake up and really start questioning how the world works.

Surveying the world economy, the past two weeks saw most non-reserve currencies fall in value, as emerging economies and export-oriented countries are suffering capital flight. In past downturns some regions would experience this and not others, some countries and not others, but now capital flight and, it seems, both real and induced social unrest are widespread.

The beneficiary has been the U.S. dollar, which is surprising given the fact that the Federal Reserve has been "printing" money like crazy and the US government has been borrowing like crazy. "There is nowhere else to go" is the justifying mantra of the times. But what seems to be happening is that those making the bets remain convinced of US global military and economic hegemony. As we have been pointing out, the signs are that military force will be used and the era of "free trade" may be coming to an end. Some are pointing to "currency protectionism."

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SOTT Focus: Big Brother Digest - The Fight for Liberty begins... is it too late?

speed gun
© unknownSinister Surveillance
Rather belatedly, citizens of the UK are waking up to the fact that they are under constant surveillance, have lost their privacy, their civil liberties and are now beginning to voice their outrage. 1.1 million children are on a UK DNA database and schools are assisting in softening-up the next generation to accept biometric identity and zero privacy.

Drone aircraft are beginning to be used to monitor civilian populations in the USA and the UK. The USA and Australia attempt to catch up with the UK's dystopia by using the tried and tested 'terrorist' meme. Your Skype calls are likely to soon have someone listening in on them and the much criticized social networking sites are actually displaying some positive uses for once.

Has it been left too late to stop the Big Brother society that we are now a part of?