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Mysterious pneumonia ripping through China's schools

china pneumonia
A news clip taken from FTV News appears to show a busy hospital waiting room in China with children receiving intravenous drips
Scientists today called for vigilance and transparency from China amid reports of a mystery pneumonia outbreak - which has eerie similarities to the early Covid outbreak.

Hospitals in Beijing and 500 miles northeast in Liaoning are among those 'overwhelmed with sick children' with unusual symptoms that include inflammation in the lungs and a high fever, according to local news reports.

Dr Krutika Kuppalli, an infectious disease physician who is part of the WHO's Health Emergencies Program, said on X (formerly Twitter) that the illness 'could be anything' as China did not reveal what they have tested for.

Dr Jennifer Nuzzo, an epidemiologist and director of the Pandemic Center at Brown University School of Public Health, told that more transparency is needed from China to avoid repeating the attempted cover-up of the Covid pandemic in 2019.

Comment: Covid came out of a US bioweapons laboratory: Compelling Evidence That SARS-CoV-2 Was Man-Made

Comment: There's been a number of illness and disease outbreaks of late - and, notably, a mysterious pneumonia-like illness in dogs recently appeared in the the US, and that came on the heels of an outbreak of a virulent coronavirus in cats in Cyprus:


Coronavirus fragments can persist in the body of a person for up to a year: an estimated 65 million people worldwide suffer from the consequences

Doctors believe that the coronavirus
© Komsomolskaya Pravda/Photo: Svetlana MAKOVEEVADoctors believe that the coronavirus does not leave the human body after recovery.
Doctors are increasingly inclined to believe that the coronavirus does not leave the human body and even after recovery continues to circulate inside, causing harm to many organs and systems, said the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova. Nervous tissues and vessel walls are especially affected by long COVID; the virus also has an extremely negative effect on the immune system.


According to studies, SARS-CoV-2 "positive samples" can be obtained from the upper respiratory tract (nasopharynx) for up to 2.5 months (maximum). Nikolay Kryuchkov, Candidate of Medical Sciences, immunologist, General Director of the contract research company, told Komsomolskaya Pravda. From the lower respiratory tract (lungs and small bronchi - bronchioles) - up to 2 months. From stool samples (intestines) - up to 4 months. From blood samples - in the region of 2 months.

The average duration of the "survivability" of coronavirus in the body is measured in two to three weeks

Comment: Below are other articles that relate to this topic. They do not all point in the same direction, but then that is where decernment comes in. Note on translation: The article was translated using a combination of Google, DeepL Bing and Yandex. The original article heading was Коронавирус год сохраняется в теле переболевшего человека, уничтожая организм: От последствий страдают 65 миллионов человек which directly translated becomes: "Coronavirus persists in the body of a sick person for a year, destroying the body: 65 million people suffer from the consequences" In the actual article translation, the title was modified to reflect the content.


Mysterious fatal respiratory illness sickens dogs across the US, vets are puzzled

© TruthPress
A fatal respiratory illness sickening dogs across the United States is puzzling the veterinarian community after the illness has yet to be identified.

Dr. Lindsey Ganzer the owner of North Springs Veterinary Referral Center in Colorado has reported at her animal hospital alone she has seen 30 cases of the mysterious illness.

Ganzer sampled the unknown respiratory illness but it tested negative for any known viruses and bacteria.

According to the Oregon Department of Agriculture the symptoms of the new illness are "Coughing, sneezing, discharge from the eyes or nose, trouble breathing and fatigue."

Vets have reported the illness does not respond to traditional antibiotics which has resulted in dozens of dogs dying from the unknown respiratory illness.

A mysterious respiratory illness has sickened dogs in several U.S. states and left others dead as veterinarians encourage dog owners to exercise caution and limit contact with other dogs.

According to TODAY, the pneumonia-like illness starts as a cough and gradually worsens, with the illness also being resistant to antibiotics. In addition to coughing, sneezing, discharge from the eyes or nose, trouble breathing and fatigue have also been observed, according to the Oregon Department of Agriculture. Dogs who exhibit symptoms may also test negative for common causes of respiratory illnesses.


The complex relationship between sleep and pain: Insights from sleep expert Dr Alison Bentley

© Cottonbro studios/PexelsScientific studies consistently highlight the disruptive impact of pain on sleep.
The relationship between pain and sleep has been a subject of scientific inquiry, as they often exert a profound influence on each other.

Scientific studies consistently highlight the disruptive impact of pain on sleep. Chronic pain conditions, such as arthritis or fibromyalgia, can lead to difficulties falling asleep, maintaining sleep continuity and experiencing restorative sleep.

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Articles that mention apnea in the title, 15+, in the summary, 40+, in the text 140+
Examples from "in the title": Articles that mention sleep in the title, 525+,

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Deaths of Scottish babies: Risk of 1 death for every 690 doses given in pregnancy

Public Health Scotland demonstrated a significant increase in neonatal deaths (in the first month of life) in 2021 but refused to investigate whether it was related to the vaccine because such an analysis "whilst being uninformative for public health decision making, had the potential to be used to harm vaccine confidence".

Comment: In other words, if people realize the vaccines are killing babies, they might not take the vaccines.

One particular Scotsman, who tweets here and has this substack, has persevered with FOI requests and has revealed alarming signals that Public Health Scotland chose to ignore. There was a clear rise in neonatal deaths amounting to an extra 35 dead babies which coincided exactly with when pregnant women were vaccinated.
scottish deaths
Figure 1: Neonatal death rate per 1,000 births since 2010 with average in orange plotted against covid vaccine doses given to pregnant women
During the vaccination period (March 2021 to May 2022) Scotland had 60,169 births and based on historic rates would have expected 128 babies to die in the neonatal period, but 163 did.

There have also been too many post-neonatal deaths (deaths in first year of life) and those have not yet settled down. Over that period (Jul 2021 on) there were 94,501 births. Based on historic rates 101 deaths post natal deaths would be expected, but the 131 were recorded, an excess of 30 babies dying.

Including both neonatal and postnatal deaths there have been 65 additional deaths. Over the period of interest there were 45,098 doses of covid vaccine given. If the extra deaths were all due to the covid vaccines that would equate to a risk of 1 extra death for every 690 doses administered.


UK suffering highest gonorrhea cases since records began 100 years ago, NHS dept pushes for vaccine program

gonorrhoea outbreak england
© AlamyElectron micrograph of Neisseria gonorrhoeae
UK government advisers have called for a vaccination programme to target the growing threat of a biblical disease that has hit a record high in the 21st-century.

The latest NHS data shows that there were more cases of gonorrhoea, the ancient sexually transmitted infection, in England in 2022 than at any time since records began more than 100 years ago. The number of cases of gonorrhea in Wales has also risen massively in the last decade. In 2013, there were just 998 cases recorded, which had risen to 3,918 last year - nearly four times as many. Men are far more likely to catch the disease than women and the bulk of cases are in the 15 to 24 years old age group. The disease is most prevalent in the Cardiff and Swansea areas.

Comment: Meanwhile over in the US: US suffering another medication shortage: penicillin - amid record number of syphilis cases

See also: Lethal Sex -The Rise of Sexually Transmitted Diseases in the Age of Postmodernist Liberalism

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Contraceptives may slow brain development and increase risk-taking behavior in teens, study suggests

© Andrus Ciprian/Shutterstock
Synthetic hormones used for birth control may slow brain maturation and disrupt the development of an area of the brain responsible for impulsivity, according to new research.

Adolescents commonly use hormonal contraceptives despite the unknown effects on brain and behavioral maturation, prompting scientists at Ohio State University to explore how common synthetic hormones used for birth control affect the prefrontal cortex — an area of the brain essential to regulating emotional behaviors and executive function.

In the study, presented during a Nov. 12, 2023, poster session at an annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience, researchers gave a combination of synthetic estrogen and progesterone in hormone-based contraceptives to female rats from early to late adolescence and compared their behavior and brain tissue to untreated rats.

Because synthetic hormones found in contraceptives decrease the ovaries' production of natural progesterone and estrogen to prevent ovulation, researchers looked at how the brain is affected by these hormonal differences when it is still developing.

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Bittersweet: Study Exposes Hidden Dangers of Heavy Metals in Chocolate

Chocolate and the periodic table
© Unknown/The Defender
Consumer Reports testing found that 1 in 3 chocolate products contain heavy metals like lead and cadmium that may harm kids' neurological development and cause other health issues.

Story at a glance:
  • Testing by Consumer Reports found one-third of chocolate products tested were high in heavy metals, and the percentage of contaminated products rose when it was dark chocolate.
  • Of the 28 dark chocolate bars tested in 2022, only five had levels below 100% of the maximum allowable dose and only two had levels below 50%. In the 46 products tested in 2023, they found detectable levels in every product and 539% of the maximum allowed dose of lead in Perugina 85% premium dark chocolate.
  • Chocolate is not the only source of heavy metal and it bioaccumulates, so it's important to be aware of your overall intake. Cadmium can be absorbed from the soil and is found in the highest levels in grains and vegetables.
  • Exposure to lead and cadmium poses the highest risk to the brains and neurological systems of infants and children. Since cadmium crosses the placental barrier, exposure during pregnancy can have serious health consequences, including increased mortality from heart and kidney disease and cancer.
  • Dark chocolate has many health benefits, but your source should be chosen wisely to avoid exposure to heavy metals. Consider incorporating strategies for heavy metal detox to protect your mitochondrial function.

Comment: See also:
For mitochondria function, vitamin B1 (thiamine) is important as discussed in: The Health & Wellness Show: The Importance of Vitamin B1: Thiamine
The article provides some arguments for eating chocolate and some that can be used to oppose the idea.


Don't mention the V word: 'Spike in strokes, cardiac arrest among young since Covid', says study in India

More young people are experiencing brain stroke, cardiac arrest, and heart attacks in India since the Covid-19 outbreak. Now, the latest survey has confirmed that there has been a 21 per cent increase in people who have had one or more of their close contacts experience brain stroke, cardiac arrest, heart attack and cancer acceleration in the past year.

The survey, which surveyed over 11,000 people in 322 districts in India, said that 72 per cent reported one or more individuals in their close social network - extended family, friends, neighbours and colleagues - experiencing medical conditions like brain stroke, cardiac arrest, heart attack and cancer acceleration in the last three-and-a-half-years post March 2020 following the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak in India.

The survey by LocalCircles, India's leading community social media platform, also found that the percentage of citizens with such cases amongst their close contacts increased by 21% from October 2022 to October 2023.

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Next Pandemic Propaganda: The "Big One," Nipah, Ebola and Marburg, SARS1, Machupo, "Vampire Virus", Disease X

Next Pandemic Propaganda
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Comment: Head of Russia's Security Council Nikolay Patrushev also thinks that something is soon coming:
Top Russian security official sees risk of new pandemics amid Washington's activity

Nikolay Patrushev mentioned the emergence of dangerous domestic and external factors that may cause previously unheard-of diseases, epidemics and pandemics as he proposed discussing extra measures to ensure biosecurity

Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev warned about the risk of new epidemics and pandemics as well as of additional biological threats being posed by Washington's activity.

"Ensuring biological security in today's world is a pressing issue as it relates to potential risks and threats, among other things being posed by US military and biological activity, including in Ukraine," Patrushev explained, opening a conference on the situation in Russia's Central Federal District.

Patrushev mentioned the emergence of dangerous domestic and external factors that may cause previously unheard-of diseases, epidemics and pandemics as he proposed discussing extra measures to ensure biosecurity.