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US: Oahu, Kauai Remain Under Flash Flood Watch

Heavy Rain, Thunderstorms Possible Through Friday

Forecasters with the National Weather Service say the threat of thunderstorms and heavy rains for Kauai and Oahu remain through Friday.

Heavy showers and thunderstorms rolled through Kauai Thursday, prompting a flood advisory and severe thunderstorm warning. The advisories were canceled Thursday afternoon. There were no reports of major flooding.

Kauai and Oahu remain under a flash flood watch through Friday afternoon. A developing storm to the west of the state has brought moist and unstable air from the tropics over the Hawaiian Islands, according to the NWS. A cold front associated with the storm is expected to bring more heavy rainfall to Kauai and Oahu Friday.

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US: Flooding Rains Threaten Indiana

© FEMA/Leo SkinnerMunster Indiana September 13, 2008
Indianapolis -- More heavy rain is expected to overspread Indiana on Friday night and into the day on Saturday, heightening the flood threat across the region.

A strong low-pressure system with ample moisture will move through the area. More than 2 inches of rain could fall in central Indiana.

Several flood watches and warnings were issued as rain began falling Friday morning.

The heaviest rain is expected to fall from Friday night through Saturday morning.

There could be a couple of rounds of thunderstorms as the storm system moves through the area. The storms are not expected to be severe, but they will include very heavy rain.

Rainfall of 2 inches or more will likely again cause street flooding, because the ground is saturated and there is no place for the water to go.

River flooding, which is still ongoing in central and southern Indiana after last week's heavy rains, are expected to be worsened by the latest round of heavy rain.

As the storm system pulls away late Saturday, there could be some snow showers or snow flurries, but they will be short-lived.

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Philippines: 3 Rockfall Incidents Recorded at Bulusan; 3 Quakes at Mayon

Mount Bulusan volcano
© Maria Ignacio / EPA Mount Bulusan volcano spews ash in Sorsogon province, eastern Philippines, Nov 2010.
One volcanic earthquake and at least three rockfall incidents were recorded near restive Bulusan Volcano in Sorsogon in the last 24 hours, the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology said Friday.

In its 8 a.m. update, Phivolcs also noted weak steaming activity at the southeast thermal vent.

"Bulusan Volcano's status remains at Alert Level 1. This means that the source of activity is hydrothermal and shallow. Entry to the 4-kilometer radius Permanent Danger Zone (PDZ) is strictly prohibited, since the area is at risk to sudden steam and ash explosions," it said.

Citing the prevailing wind direction, Phivolcs reminded residents in the northwest and southwest sectors of the volcano to take precautions against ash falls.

It also said civil aviation authorities must warn pilots to avoid flying close to the volcano's summit as ejected ash and volcanic fragments from sudden explosions may be hazardous to aircraft.


US: Heavy Rain to Pummel Tri-State This Weekend

© Denny Simmons / Courier & PressMost of Waterworks Road in Evansville is now underwater because of the slowly rising waters of the Ohio River. More rain this weekend may cause the river to rise above flood level in Evansville, according to the National Weather Service in Paducah, Ky.
A storm system could bring some heavy rain to the area the first half of the weekend.

Rainfall amounts of 1 to 3 inches will be possible the next two days, with the heaviest downpours tonight and Saturday morning, according to the National Weather Service in Paducah, Ky.

Since the ground is still saturated from recent rains, runoff could cause sharp rises in area streams.

Meanwhile, the Ohio River has reached the 40-foot flood stage at Owensboro, Ky.

The river is forecast to reach the 42-foot flood stage at Evansville by Sunday.

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U.S.: Forecasters warn of flash floods in Midwest

'Widespread rains' expected to sweep across parts of the Midwest and South

© Al Behrman/APA high water barricade blocks a public landing along the Ohio River, Thursday in Cincinnati. The parking lot for the landing normally extends past the trees surrounded by water. The Ohio River is not expected to reach flood stage.
Heavy rain and thunderstorms were hitting parts of the Midwest Friday, with meteorologists warning flooding was likely in parts of several states.

The complex storm system means severe storms in parts of eastern Oklahoma, and heavy rainfall from the Lower Mississippi Valley on east, The Weather Channel reported, with the possibility of some snow following on its heels over the weekend and into next week.

Central and northern New York would likely see a mix of rain and snow because of the system, The Weather Channel said, before rain would hit northern New England.

A series of systems bearing rain and snow was expected to start moving across the Pacific Northwest and Northern California, the forecasters said.

'Widespread rains'

The National Weather Service issued flash flood watches for parts several states.

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Compass Direction, True North Parting Ways

© CorbisEvery 100,000 years or so, the field flips, meaning that compasses would point south, rather than north. It's been about 780,000 years since the last reversal.

Follow the direction of a compass needle and you'll end up at the North Pole, right? Not these days.

The planet's magnetic field is on the move, a normal enough phenomenon, but one that has some rather bizarre implications, such as the need to renumber airport runways.

Tampa International Airport on Florida's west coast just finished renaming its three runways, a laborious project that interrupted airport traffic for a month while runways were shut down for repainting.

"Everything had to be changed," airport spokeswoman Brenda Geoghagan told Discovery News. "It was a huge project."

Tampa's busiest runway was called 18R/36L, a designation indicating the runway is -- or was -- lined up 180 degrees from north when approached from the north and 360 degrees from north when approached from the south. (The letters "R" and "L" differentiate between the airport's two parallel runways.)

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Hanoi's legendary giant turtle, last of its species, dying from city pollution

© APThe giant soft-shelled turtle in Hoan Kiem lake, showing an open wound on its neck.
Revered by the Vietnamese, the creature has been made ill by pollution, but Hanoians are now struggling to clean its lake

Hundreds of people are working round the clock to clean up a lake in the heart of Vietnam's capital in hopes of saving a rare, ailing giant turtle that is considered sacred.

Experts say pollution in Hanoi's Hoan Kiem lake is killing the giant freshwater turtle, which has a soft shell the size of a desk. It is one of the world's most endangered species: it is believed that there are only four in the world.

Teams of people are cleaning debris, pumping fresh water into the lake and building an artificial island to serve as a "turtle hospital". The rescuers may try to net it for the first time as part of the effort.

The Hoan Kiem turtle is rooted in Vietnamese folklore, and some believe the creature that lives in the lake today is the same mythical turtle that helped a Vietnamese king fend off the Chinese nearly six centuries ago.


Beware the global warming fascists: Johnny Ball on how he has been vilified for daring to question green orthodoxy

At London's Royal Court Theatre last week, a new play opened to rave reviews. It's about an environmental scientist who - horror of horrors - doesn't believe in global warming.

The play is called The Heretic and, though I haven't seen it yet, I could already sink to my knees in gratitude. Because in my own quiet and reasonable way, I am that global warming heretic.

In the past decade or so I've been mocked, vilified, besmirched - I've even been booed off a theatre stage - simply for expressing the view that the case for global warming and climate change, and in particular the emphasis on the damage caused by carbon dioxide, the so-called greenhouse gas that is going to do for us all, has been massively over-stated.
© XposureDemonised: Johnny Ball, pictured with DJ daughter Zoe, has faced a vicious campaign because of his views on climate change and greenhouse gases


UK: It's a 'hole' big mystery

© UnknownHole in Eton Close, Burton
A mysterious hole has caused 'anger and confusion' among residents after being left unfilled and unattended for almost a year.

The hole, which is the size of a small car, appeared in Eton Close, Burton, in April last year and despite repeated attempts by homeowners no-one will lay claim to the 'disaster'.

One resident, who asked not to be named, said: "No-one has any idea why the hole was dug in the first place - it just popped up all of a sudden.

"The situation just continues to go from the sublime to the ridiculous and it has now been left for more than 11 months - nearly a whole year. It has obviously caused problems for all of the people in the road as it is not a small hole - it is as big as a small car.

"Some residents received anonymous notes at the end of last year telling them to sort out the problem.

"The borough council has been involved and could not come out last year due to the bad weather.

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Far North Pole Shaken by Moderate Quake

Far North Earthquake
© The Extinction Protocol
North Pole - A 4.8 earthquake rattles the far North Pole at a depth of 10 km at NORTH OF SEVERNAYA ZEMLYA (number 5 grid in Yellow) on the map of the Arctic Pole. The peculiar nature of the location of this quake leads us to conclude that since the magnetic north pole is now racing towards Russia and the Earth has been under constant bombardment from the rabid sheer of the solar winds over the last 48 hours, that this is a trembling effect in magnetic field generation- perhaps one more tangible sign that planet's magnetic field dexterity is insidiously eroding. We've been watching seismic anomalies under Greenland and strain starting to show across Antarctica from the recent bout of planetary tremors that have occurred over the last 4 months. Below are the latest telemetry seismic data readings from (top) Antarctica and Greenland (bottom).

Antartica Tremors
© The Extinction ProtocolAntarctica telemetry data.
Greenland Tremors
© The Extinction ProtocolGreenland telemetry data.