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Thu, 08 Dec 2022
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Now they want to ban electric cars to save energy.

Electric car
© Unknown
Over the last few years, the media and politicians have been hyping up electric cars and telling everyone to buy them to save the planet (ironic, buying more stuff making the rich even richer, all to save the planet of course!).

Things have gone so far that the EU recently announced they would ban the sale of new fossil fuel cars from 2035. Meanwhile Britain has gone even further and are banning new normal cars from the year 2030. That is only 7 years away.

So they are pushing for everyone to switch over to electric cars. We all know that will never, ever happen. The power grid simply cannot handle it and there isn't enough batteries to go around to be able to make all those new electric cars.

Now Switzerland is planning on banning people from driving their electric cars when there is an energy shortage. Crisis measures could also see streaming services like Netflix having to reduce the resolution of videos and use of game consoles being banned.

Comment: More likely the population will be adjusted to fit the resources.


Netflix faces Israeli backlash over Nakba film

movie still
© Talebox
Scene from 'Farha'
In recent weeks Israeli officials and supporters of Israel have launched a smear campaign against Farha, the debut film from Jordanian director Darin Sallam.

Farha, which premiered on Netflix this week, tells the story of a young Palestinian girl who witnesses Zionist military forces kill her family during the Nakba. The Nakba refers to the ethnic cleansing of Palestine that occurred in 1948. Historians estimate that about 15,000 were murdered and over 750,000 were displaced from their homes.

The film will be Jordan's official entry to the International Feature Film category for the 95th Academy Awards to be held in March 2023.

The story is personal for Sallam, who says its based on a friend of her mother's. Sallam told Deadline in a recent interview:
"She was locked up by her father to protect her life. She survived [the conflict] and she made it to Syria, where she met a Syrian girl and shared her story with her. This Syrian girl grew up, got married and had a child, and she shared the story with her daughter — and this daughter happened to be me."


Apple sued over air tags allegedly being used by stalkers

© Apple
The Apple AirTag
Two women have filed a class action lawsuit against Apple over its AirTag devices, which they claim allowed their ex partners to stalk them.

On Monday, the proposed class action lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. It reportedly alleges that Apple did not put in place sufficient safety parameters that would keep stalkers from using the devices to keep track of victims.

"With a price point of just $29, it has become the weapon of choice of stalkers and abusers," the lawsuit reportedly said.

The plaintiffs also reportedly allege that the devices were connected to murders of women in Indiana and Ohio this year.

Comment: Apple AirTag has been on the market since April 20, 2021.


Oliver Stone voices opinion on root cause of Ukraine conflict

© AP/Amr Nabil
Film Director Oliver Stone
"America has helped make Kiev the enemy of Moscow", the famed director says.

The US turning Ukraine into an anti-Russian country since 2014 is the root cause of the current conflict, award-winning film director Oliver Stone said in an interview with the Serbian daily Politika, published Monday.

Ahead of the Red Sea International Film Festival (RSIFF) in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where he chairs the jury, Stone told his interviewer:
"Who are we to point fingers at anyone? We're telling Russians what to do, I mean it's ridiculous, given what we've done."
What is currently happening in Ukraine is "not simple at all," Stone added, but it's getting reduced in the West to "Russians invaded." There is no mention of anything that has been happening in Donbass since 2014, or how many people were displaced because the US was arming Ukraine.

Stone told Politika:
"Since 2014, Ukraine was no longer neutral but anti-Russian, and that's what disrupted the balance. Every war has causes and consequences if one is willing to pay attention."


Coming soon: Climate lockdowns and the "15 minute city" - courtesy of the WEF

The 15 Minute City is a UN and WEF plan, because they care about you want you to drive less.

A cartoon from the WEF just for you good girls and boys:

Climate lockdowns coming
In the WEF's own words — this rearrangement of cities is absolutely about climate change:
As climate change and global conflict cause shocks and stresses at faster intervals and increasing severity, the 15-minute city will become even more critical.
And the solution was the pandemic (they really say that):
The obvious, yet incomplete, answer is the pandemic.... with COVID-19 and its variants keeping everyone home (or closer to home than usual), the 15-minute city went from a "nice-to-have" to a rallying cry. Meeting all of one's needs within a walking, biking or transit distance was suddenly a matter of life and death.

Brick Wall

Coming to terms: The COVID lockdowns were all for naught

xi time to go
© Vincent Thian/AP
Student protesters call on Chinese President Xi Jinping to resign during a rally for victims of a recent Urumqi apartment fire blamed on rigid anti-virus measures.
How different it feels this time around. Broadcasters are lustily cheering anti-lockdown protesters in China. Members of Congress offer unqualified support. President Joe Biden, although more guarded, is sympathetic.

No Western politician, as far as I can see, is insulting the protesters. They are not dismissed as selfish or sociopathic, nor as dupes of conspiracy theories. Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) captured the mood: "To the people of China — we hear you and we stand with you as you fight for your freedom."

Broadcasters and columnists who spent 2020 calling anti-lockdowners kooks and criminals are now uncomplicatedly applauding their Chinese counterparts. They see ordinary people standing up against an authoritarian government the anti-COVID policies of which were crushing liberty.

Comment: See also:

Take 2

Harry and Meghan's Netflix trailers criticised over 'misleading' clips

Harry Meghan
© Netflix
Netflix has so far released two trailers promoting the Harry & Meghan docuseries
Two trailers for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's new Netflix docuseries have been criticised for allegedly using footage and photos in misleading ways.

The trailers show archive clips and pictures as Prince Harry and Meghan talk about being sidelined by the Royal Family and hounded by the media.

However, it is thought at least three such images were taken from events that had nothing to do with the couple.

Netflix and the Sussexes' production company Archewell have not commented.

There are further allegations that an image was cropped to suggest the couple were left on the edge of a royal event, when they were in fact front and centre.

There is also a suggestion that another photo has been used to illustrate press intrusion, when it was actually taken at an event with a small number of photographers whose attendance was controlled and agreed upon in advance.

On Tuesday, veteran royal correspondent Jennie Bond criticised the trailers for their "extremely sloppy production values", after ITV host Lorraine Kelly described the use of the images and footage as "bizarre".

Here are five instances that have been highlighted from the first teaser trailer, released last week, and the extended trailer, released on Monday. The first three episodes from the series will come out on Thursday.

Comment: Attention-seeking and victim-identified personalities often don't have a lot of real facts to back them up, so "mistakes" as those above might be needed.

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Schoolgirl killed in knife attack in Germany

german police
© Reuters
A 14-year-old girl has died and another, aged 13, has been seriously injured after they were attacked by a man with a knife while walking to school in southern Germany.

Police say the suspect came out of a refugee shelter in the village of Illerkirchberg on Monday morning and attacked the pupils.

The older girl later died in hospital.

German police arrested a 27-year-old man, who they said was an asylum seeker from Eritrea.

The 13-year-old girl suffered serious knife wounds but reports said her life was not in danger.

Comment: See also:


Russia arrests Colombian over suspected US-run psy-op

Giraldo Saraya Alberto Enrique
A Colombian national has been arrested in Moscow over his alleged involvement in a US-run disinformation operation, Russia's Investigative Committee announced on Monday. The suspect, Giraldo Saraya Alberto Enrique, stands accused of spreading "false information" about the Russian military amid the ongoing fighting in Ukraine.

"As part of an organized group involving individuals, who directed his actions from abroad, [the suspect] provided technical support and subsequent covert placement of mobile devices in one of the shopping malls in Moscow," the Committee said in a statement, adding that the devices were subsequently used for sending messages en-masse that tarnished the image of the country's military. The messages were carefully crafted to imitate statements made by real Russian nationals, the investigators noted.

The offense, introduced into Russian legislation earlier this year, carries a heavy penalty and Giraldo Saraya now risks landing behind bars for up to ten years. The group, which involved several nationals of an unspecified South American nation, has been operating "in the interests of US-based organization Digital Humanity, which is associated with the US state Agency for International Development," the Committee alleged.

Comment: Yet another patsy caught up in the US war machine.


Politically based mask mandate in schools reveal shocking disregard for children

matt hancock
In August 2020, as schools prepared for the return of pupils — many for the first time in six months — No 10 performed a succession of u-turns on the wearing of masks in schools.

The initial advice was that "masks could impede communication between teachers and staff and have little health benefit", but with teaching unions piling on pressure and the Scottish government deciding to recommend masks in their classrooms, the advice changed at the end of August. Masks became recommended in communal areas but not in classrooms because, in the words of then PM, Boris Johnson, "that is clearly nonsensical - you can't teach with face coverings; you can't expect people to learn with face-coverings."

By March 2021, though, the Department for Education had recommended that all secondary school pupils wear a mask in class. As Matt Hancock (then Health Secretary) later pointed out when justifying his own infringements of Covid regulations, this was guidance not law, but most schools understood it to be a requirement and headteachers refusing to comply with the 'guidance' were pressured to conform. Consequently for most students the implementation occurred as if it were a legal requirement.

Astonishingly for someone who professed to 'follow the science' at all times, Matt Hancock has now suggested in his serialised diary extracts that the introduction of masks in classrooms was driven exclusively by crude political considerations, and to have had no grounding in assessments of risk, efficacy or safety.

Comment: It was never about the children. See also: More than 150 comparative studies and articles on mask ineffectiveness and harms