Explosions et tremblement de terre à New York: la ville se réveille en panique
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Early Wednesday, the bill drafting office of the New York state Legislature experienced what appears to be a cyberattack, according to officials. The full extent of the attack is still unclear, but officials confirmed that the bill drafting system has been offline since early Wednesday. This office plays a crucial role in printing legislation for state lawmakers at the Capitol in Albany, as reported by AP News.

The cyberattack coincides with the Legislature's efforts to finalize the state budget bills. However, Governor Kathy Hochul indicated that the incident is not expected to cause significant delays in the process.

"We've had to revert to the older system we used back in 1994 due to this incident that occurred very early in the morning. We've been actively addressing the situation," Hochul, a Democrat, explained in an interview with WNYC radio.

When asked whether the attack was politically motivated, Hochul responded, "I don't know."

Mike Murphy, a spokesperson for the state Senate leader, stated that the bill drafting office "is still capable of processing work for both houses, and we do not anticipate this affecting the overall timeline."