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Canadian heart monitoring and medical electrocardiogram solutions provider CardioComm this week announced it has taken systems offline following a cyberattack.

The attack, the company says, impacted its production server environments and has an impact on its business operations. Visitors to the company's website are informed that CardioComm services are currently offline.

"CardioComm's business operations will be impacted for several days and potentially longer depending how quickly the company is able to restore its data and re-establishes its production server environments," the company announced.

According to CardioComm, it has no evidence that customer health information was compromised in the attack, mainly because its software runs on each client's systems.

"Further, CardioComm does not collect patient health information from its clients. The company has initiated identity theft precautions should any employee personal information have been compromised to minimize the impact on its staff," CardioComm said.

The incident, the company noted, might also impact its ability to finalize required filings in response to a Cease Trade Order issued by the Ontario Securities Commission, which resulted in the suspension of its shares trading, imposed by the TSX Venture Exchange.

Although CardioComm did not share details on the type of cyberattack it fell victim to, it is possible that ransomware might have been involved. Typical incident response in the event of a ransomware attack involves taking systems offline to contain the incident.

CardioComm provides hospital, physician, and consumer device software for recording, analyzing, and managing electrocardiograms for the diagnosis of cardiac patients.