gas station cyberattack
Some services at Petro-Canada gas stations have been disrupted following a cyberattack on parent company Suncor, one of the largest energy companies in North America.

Suncor is a Canada-based company that produces oil and runs several refineries in North America. The organization owns a network of more than 1,800 Petro-Canada retail and wholesale locations.

In a brief statement issued on June 25, Suncor said it had experienced a cybersecurity incident that may impact some transactions with suppliers and customers. The company said it brought in third-party experts to aid investigation and response efforts, and noted that authorities have been notified.

"At this time, we are not aware of any evidence that customer, supplier or employee data has been compromised or misused as a result of this situation," the company said.

On June 26, Petro-Canada said on Twitter that it's working with Suncor to respond to the cybersecurity incident, informing customers that some services may be unavailable, including credit card payments and car washes.

Petro-Canada also informed customers that they will not be able to log into their loyalty program account from the app or website.

It's unclear if the disruptions have been caused by a ransomware attack. In these types of attacks, cybercriminals can encrypt files and steal data from the victim's systems โ€” they can conduct only one or both types of activities.

In 2021, American oil pipeline system Colonial Pipeline was targeted in a ransomware attack that resulted both in significant disruption and the theft of information, with the company paying millions of dollars to the attackers.

SecurityWeek has sent an email to Suncor asking if the incident involved ransomware and whether the company received a ransom demand from the attackers. This article will be updated if the energy giant responds.

Threat actors have been observed selling access to energy organizations, including oil and gas firms, on cybercrime forums.