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Psychopath: Michigan woman, 75, convicted of murdering grandson

© Detroit Free Press, Mandi WrightSandra Layne, left, looks at her lawyer Jerome Sabbota during closing arguments in her trial at the Oakland County Circuit Court on Monday, March 18, 2013 in Pontiac, Mich.
A suburban Detroit grandmother was convicted Tuesday of second-degree murder for killing her teenage grandson last spring, as jurors rejected her claim that she shot him six times in self-defense.

Sandra Layne, 75, cried quietly when she heard the verdict, which was delivered during the first full day of deliberations. Layne was also convicted of using a firearm during a felony, and she likely faces at least 14 years in prison.

As she was being led out of the courtroom, some family members waved at Layne in a show of support, but her view of them was blocked by a deputy.

Outside of court, Hoffman's mother, Jennifer Hoffman, said that her mother is a "monster" who deserves to go to prison.

"I'm glad she's put away and can't do harm to anyone else," Jennifer Hoffman said. "He was a great kid and didn't deserve this."


The five minute NRA speech that would change the gun control debate forever

Editor's note: Author Scott Pinsker is a marketing and publicity expert who writes occasionally for Fox News Opinion. This is his vision of a speech he would like to see delivered by leaders at the National Rifle Association. It has not been delivered by the NRA.

Greetings. My name is Wayne LaPierre, and I'm the executive vice president of the National Rifle Association. After the national tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, it was my hope that Red America and Blue America would finally come together and try to solve a serious problem, because protecting our children from violent madmen isn't a conservative position or a liberal position; it's a common-sense position.

Sadly, instead of offering new solutions, the same anti-gun zealots who've always hated the Second Amendment have politicized the deaths of kindergartners, adopting the Rahm Emanuel tactic of "Never letting a good crisis go to waste." Anti-gun newspapers have even published the names and private addresses of law-abiding gun-owners - something they would NEVER do to sex offenders, drug addicts, wife-beaters, AIDS victims, welfare recipients or women who've had an abortion - and rightly so.

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Texas assistant principal busted for having sex with underage student during prom

Mark Steven West, 30, an assistant principal at Spring High School, was arrested and charged with having an inappropriate relationship with a student.
Mark West, 30, had sex with the high school student in his office after she said 'she was horny': police

A Texas assistant principal had sex with an underage female student in his office during her high school prom, police said.

Mark West, 30, is accused of having sex with the Spring High School teen - who is now at college - after she told him "she was horny" at the event last May.

West denies the charge of having improper sexual relations, but has resigned over the allegations.

ABC reports that a student witness contacted cops after seeing West, who is said to have initially turned down the girl's flirtatious advances, telling her to meet him in his office.

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Disabled 13-year-old Brooklyn girl hurled off moving bus by bully; fall breaks her collarbone

© ENID ALVAREZ/NEW YORK DAILY NEWSBrooklyn mom Harriet McNeill is outraged daughter Amore-Virginia Peterson, 13, was pushed off school bus, breaking her collarbone.
A bully tossed a disabled girl out of the back door of a moving school bus and straight into the path of oncoming traffic - an attack that easily could have ended in death.

Two matrons were on the bus dealing with a ruckus, but neither was able to protect Amore-Virginia Peterson, 13, on Friday. She said that when she slammed into the pavement she thought she "was going to die" - but she managed to scramble out of the road before she was hit by the cars bearing down on her.

The bipolar sixth-grader suffered a broken collarbone and was rushed from the scene in an ambulance.

"I've been telling the school that one of these kids is going to kill my daughter - and on Friday it almost came true," said Amore-Virginia's mother, Harriet McNeill of Brownsville, Brooklyn.

Bizarro Earth

Picture of full-figured retail store mannequins goes viral

Retail store mannequins have long been criticized for being too thin, not accurately reflecting the average female body.

Now, new mannequins in Sweden are getting buzz online for showcasing more womanly figures, reported. A blogger for Women's Rights News posted a photo of fuller-figured mannequins from a clothing store in Sweden, and the photo has since gone viral.

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Prosecutor says father intended to torture, starve his teenage daughter

A Wisconsin man hid his teenage daughter away in his basement for years as he slowly starved her, prosecutors told jurors Thursday, even as defense attorneys countered the girl is a liar and chose not to eat on her own.

A passing motorist found the girl wandering around her neighborhood on the outskirts of Madison in February 2012. She was barefoot, freezing and weighed just 68 pounds, prosecutors said. The now 16-year-old girl told investigators her father and stepmother had locked her in the basement, forced her to scrounge for food and punished her if they caught her eating without permission.

She finally decided to run away after her stepmother threatened to throw her down the stairs or slit her throat, she said.

Her father has been charged with five felony counts, including child abuse and false imprisonment, as well as a misdemeanor charge of child neglect. Attorneys delivered their closing arguments in his three-week trial Thursday and handed the case to the jury.

Deliberations were still ongoing late Thursday evening. The man faces up to 43 years in prison and nine months in jail if he's convicted on all counts.


Canadian woman sells husband's belongings after he allegedly leaves 'with his floozie'

© NICK PROCAYLO/THE PROVINCEA woman held a “lying cheating sale” in which she sold off her husband’s stuff, and bargain hunters showed up to check out the goods.
She said her husband left her for a "piece of trash," so she kicked his stuff to the curb and put it all up for sale.

A Canadian woman got revenge on her husband of 10 years, while he was gallivanting about with his mistress, by cleaning house.

The scorned woman posted a colorful ad on Craigslist inviting bargain hunters and potential homebuyers to her "lying cheating sale."

"Husband left us for a piece of trash. Selling everything while he is gone this weekend with his floozie," the woman wrote in the ad.

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Greek footballer Giorgos Katidis banned for Nazi salute

Katidis insists he did not know what the gesture meant
A Greek footballer has been banned for life from playing for the national team after making a Nazi salute.

AEK Athens midfielder Giorgos Katidis, 20, made the gesture to celebrate his winning goal during a Saturday match.

The Greek football federation called it "a severe provocation" that insulted "all the victims of Nazi bestiality".

Katidis denied he gave a Nazi salute. "I am not a fascist and would not have done it if I had known what it meant," Katidis said on his Twitter account.

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Sex as a drug in American culture

© ReutersAshely Benson
Ashley Benson, 23, knows what sells to America's 12-year-old girls: sex, including threesomes. Together with Seventeen magazine, the actress is promoting her new movie "Spring Breakers" on the magazine's cover, despite the fact that the movie is being hyped elsewhere for its steamy sex scene between Benson, actress Vanessa Hudgens, 24, and actor James Franco. The movie is rated R for strong sexual content, language, nudity, drug use and violence. Seventeen targets an audience of females, aged 12 to 19.

Comment: Interesting that the James Franco mentioned above recently premiered a documentary that some describe as torture porn. Exactly what message is Seventeen trying to send to it's readership?

There is a psychological sea change occurring in American culture, wherein girls shy of their teenage years are now exposed to erotic imagery and storylines, routinely.

The sexualization of children is a runaway train - and they are being brought aboard.

Comment: For more information about the sexualization of children and pathology in the media, see these Sott links:

Programming Complete: Why 6-Year-Old Girls Want to Be Sexy

Pedophile networks coming out in the open? US TV show promotes child abuse


NYPD sued over 'stop-and-frisk' policy

The controversial ‘stop-and-frisk’ policy of the New York Police Department specifically targets Blacks and Latinos.
The New York Police Department has been taken to court over its controversial 'stop-and-frisk' policy, which rights groups say specifically targets minorities.

A civil case is to begin on Monday in Manhattan, where more than a hundred witnesses are expected to testify regarding the NYPD practice of stopping, questioning and frisking people. Blacks and Hispanic men are the main targets."When we say stop, question and frisk, we're not talking about a brief inconvenience on the way to work or school," said lead attorney Darius Charney of the Center for Constitutional Rights. "We're talking about a frightening, humiliating experience that has happened to many folks."